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Sep 14, 2006 08:36 PM

Twin Cities Food Blogs

Can anyone recommend a good Minneapolis/St. Paul food blog?

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  1. I know of one:
    A Perfect Pair
    Not updated very often. Interesting theme graphic, nice photography, intriguing recipes and commentary.

    Searches might turn up two others that may not help you at all:
    Struggle in a Bungalow Kitchen
    One recipe for noodles does not a food blog make. Not maintained.

    PikaPikaChick's Food Pricing Blog
    Calculated the actual serving cost of common recipes. Not maintained.

    1. I'm not familiar with any blogs by face-in-the-crowd unknowns, but I like Andrew Zimmern's "Chow & Again" blog. It's a pretty wide ranging discussion, but includes good MSP info.

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        Best of all, Mr. Z has a video of Mn State Fair Foods on a Stick!


      2. Here is one with lots of restaurant reviews from two viewpoints.

          1. Here's one from a Minneapolis woman who is baking her way through Rose Levy Bernabaum's bread book.