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Good Indian Restaurants in or around Pioneer Blvd or North OC

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I am craving some good Indian food right now. Unfortunately, I live in San Diego and there is no really good Indian here. I'll be visiting family in Fullerton this weekend and have an appt on Saturday morning around Pioneer Blvd in Cerritos(?). I would love recommendations on some great Indian restaurants in these areas! Thanks!

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  1. 183rd in cerritos is the best place for indian food.

    There's also HAVELI in tustin, off the 5 freeway and newport blvd. Lunch buffets on weekends

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      Do you have any recommendations for restaurants on 183rd?

    2. The India Restaurant on Pioneer is excellent for a nice sit down meal. Ambhala Dhaba (across and down the street) for more casual, order-at-the-counter food.

      1. Don't know what style of Indian food you're seeking but if Southern Indian is in the mix, Woodlands has excellent food - 11833 Artesia Blvd. Udipi Palace and Thirupathi Bhimas down the street are also possibilities.

        --- Ravi

        1. there's this indian place i always pass when im in downtown fullerton. Its called Mandap Indian Cuisine. Unfortunately i dont know anything about them other than my indian friend telling me that his mom is friends with the owner.

          Only other place i heard of was a buffet type place in Diamond Bar, when i get a chance to talk to my friend i'll ask him for specifics.

          1. place is called Diamond Palace on Grand in Diamond bar

            1. i haven't been in a very long time, so i can't vouch for how it is currently, but bismillah on knott is really good. i remember liking their daal and their meat dishes are supposed to be really good.

              1. Thanks everyone for their suggestions! I spent some time this weekend in Little India (Pioneer Blvd in Artesia). On Saturday, I went to Ambhala Dhaba and had the lamb curry lunch special and a sweet lassi. I loved the sweet lassi because I could taste the yogurt's tanginess in the drink and wasn't too sweet. I was disappointed with the lamb curry because I felt the flavors of the curry were watered down for American tastes.

                On Sunday, I went to Thirupathi Bhimas as recommended by Ravi and my uncle. I had what I think is called the Mini Tiffin, a sampler of vegetarian delights. It was pretty good. It came with a masala dosa (crepe with potato & onion filling), chutneys, choice of coffee or tea and a sweet. Most of the items had that flavorful, layered, complex nature of Indian spices I was looking for. To finish the meal off, I had an excellent coffee there. Strong as perhaps Starbucks, but with a smooth aftertaste.

                I highly recommend going to Little India to get a more authentic feel for Indian cuisine. I look forward to coming back to LA and Little India and trying out other restaurants recommended by Chowhounders!