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Sep 14, 2006 08:29 PM

Dinner for two downtown

I'm looking for a place downtown to have my birthday dinner--just two of us. Looking for something different than the usual Zagat all caps spots. Any suggestions?

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  1. price, style, formal v. casual, which hood, ethnic, fun? romantic? come on- it's a HUGE CITY!!

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    1. re: chow_gal

      Since it's a birthday thing, price doesn't matter too much, although I'd like to keep it under $200. I'm pregnant so only one of us will be drinking, which will help on that front! Not too formal. Below 23rd preferably. Romantic, but it doesn't have to be graveyard quiet. Good food and nice service are the most important things to me; any type of food.

      1. re: AmyNY

        I really liked Veritas the last time I went (its on 20th st). I think it's a $75 prix fixe, so you may be able to meet your price limit if the other person doesn't drink a lot.
        Another one I love (which I always thought was a good value) is Scalini Fedeli (on Duane st). It's italian - a $65 prix fixe, which is extremely reasonable considering the quality (and quantity) of food.

        1. re: Squirrel

          Thanks for the ideas! We haven't been to either one of these.

    2. I really like Fleur de Sel at 5 W 20th Street. It's a lovely room without being stuffy or formal, and Cyril Renaud the Chef/ Owner has got a great touch for modern twists on the classics.

      1. AOC Bedford would be a good choice for you. or The Place. Both in West Village.