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Sep 14, 2006 07:47 PM

egg whites and apples, please help

I have a jar of 8 egg whites in the fridge, and my Golden Delicious apples in the back yard have all gotten ripe and are screaming for attention.

Is there anything I can make with both? Or if not, suggestions for using them separately would be appreciated. I usually can apple sauce and make pies and crisps.

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  1. Angel food cake with apple compote? But goldens are so sweet.... its a tough one. Maybe Meringue cups?

    1. Apple Snow? The golden delicious apples may be a bit sweet for this but you could always add lemon juice or zest to pep it up a bit.

      There are lots of recipes on the net for this. Here's an old one:

      Apple Snow
      Whites 3 eggs 3/4 cup apple pulp
      Powdered sugar.

      Pare, quarter, and core four sour apples, steam until soft, and rub through sieve; there should be three-fourths cup apple pulp. Beat on a platter whites of eggs until stiff (using wire whisk), add gradually apple sweetened to taste, and continue beating. Pile lightly on glass dish, chill, and serve with Boiled Custard.

      1. Thanks, I enjoy old fashioned desserts, i never tried apple snow but I have the 1948 Settlement cookbook, and it might be in there...

        The golden delicious are not like red delicious, they are good for baking. We chopped down the red delicious tree, that apple is useless.

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          Agreed. Red delicious apple is a stroke of amazing marketing, but not actually good to eat. Most wretched but available everywhere fruit.

        2. Pavlova with caramelized apples

          Apple cake with Italian buttercream

          Lowfat apple pancakes--sub whites for whole eggs

          1. My father used to make velvet chicken (something like this ), perhaps you can try velvet apples? May need to mince the apples by hand, then fold in whites, otherwise you may end up with an Apple Julius. Perhaps serve as a side with a squash, onion, brown rice dish?