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Sep 14, 2006 07:45 PM

Baby shower brunch

Researching a shower for a friend. Any ideas on a spot that -

- Would work for 8-10 women
- Good food but not too expensive
- Doesn't need to be a private room, but perhaps something that's not front and center in the middle of a big dining room
- Drinks, not for the mama

We were thinking Aquitaine so far...

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  1. Would you need a Sunday Brunch or a Saturday one?

    1. Tremont 647 has a small private room, that I think is about that size. And I'm pretty sure they don't charge for the room. Good brunch, good drinks.

      1. the zebra room at UpStairs on the Square would work. It's probably a little big, but I know they can section it off and it always strikes me as a fun, whimsical room.