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Sep 14, 2006 07:37 PM

Seeking Gorditas in Jackson Heights/Corona/Elmhurst/Woodside/Sunnyside

My father-in-law just came back from Mexico City raving about gorditas. I bragged to him that using chowhound I'd find him the most authentic gorditas in Queens.

A search on this site yielded some info, but nothing too recent...where are the tasty gorditas?

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  1. Oh and please no recommendations directing me to a taco bell...

    1. had a very good one at the totally unmarked/unnamed taco truck (3 women working) in front of the Chase bank at 75th St. and Roosevelt.

      this was a hand-patted, freshly griddled 5" round of fresh masa, topped with beans, carnitas so delicious and crispy, lechuga crema and cheese and for $2; amazing. the masa so fluffy and soft yet pliant and held together; toppings from edge to edge and I don't know how I managed to lift and eat it but I did. 3 kinds of chilis to choose from (fire-roasted, pickled, and a very hot fresh chili); I kinda wish there was salsa but it would have made a mess. very very good gordita; next time I want to try their huitlacoche as well as flor de calabaza and maybe their oreja. I may also ask them to add a slice of cheese to the gordita next time.

      one of the 3 places in front of the Roosevelt Ave. Station (opposite Dunkin Donuts) had $3 quesadillas that flopped over the plate and looked very good; also offered with many vegetables; I'd love to give them $4 and tell them to make a combo veggie quesadilla; I bet it would be so good.

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        The cart in front of the Chase bank is the one I know as El Pasito. They're probably one of the better gorditas in the area. The quesadillas at El Pasito I find very good, especially the huitlacoche. If the El Gallo Giro cart is in front of Roosevelt station, that's the one to go to. The others are just OK.

        1. re: E Eto

          Tortas Neza truck on 111th and roosevelt has the best gorditas. Crispy bits of chicharron throughout, and the masa is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I haven't been there in a while since I moved down to Elmhurst, but it was always consistently good. The truck owner's wife usually made them.

          1. re: E Eto

            El Gallo Giro was one of the 3 carts in front last night but I'm not sure which one of them had the big ol quesadilla; it just might have been. One of the trucks also had full complement of tamales listed; including 3 different sweet ones.

            I will definitely go back to El Pasita for their huit quesadilla. They took their time with the gordita, maybe 7-10 minutes, but totally worth it (even in last night's cold) for a fresh made tasty.

            1. re: E Eto

              E Eto,

              looking at your old thread on El Pasito, the truck is definitely different:

              and on this thread:

              it refers to a man and wife operation; last night's was 2 women (and a third one showed up). again the cart was totally unmarked, nothing on it, and looked new as well; could very well be the same group of people with a new cart.

              maybe on this huit thread:

              we are talking about the same cart?

              1. re: bigjeff

                Yup, same people with a new unmarked cart.

          2. I finally did a gordita tour
            but I'm sure there are more great carts out there that I missed for some reason or other and would appreciate any suggestions to round out the bunch. The search for the best of Queens continues...

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