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Inexpensive Lunch: 42nd Btwn 2nd & 3rd

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Just started working on 42nd btwn 2nd and 3rd...looking for good, inexpensive lunch recomendations. I'll eat just about anything, so all types of food welcome.

Thank you in advance!!!

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  1. If you don't mind a short walk:

    As cliche as it is, the soup at Soup Man (i.e. Soup Nazi) are pretty good. Just don't expect to be served without repeating your order over and over to the lobotomy success stories behind the counter--nowadays, it's the customer who has to keep the employees in line.

    And of course, the 'Wichcraft kiosks in Bryant Park are good but pricey. (I recommend the Fontina Grilled Cheese and the Roast Pork.)

    1. Phoenix Garden. Good, some dare say great, Cantonese on 40th btw 2nd and 3rd. They have daily lunch specials

      1. There is also a location on 46th and just off 5th avenue.

        1. good burger - 43rd and 2nd.

          1. Yagura; Japanese lunch counter/grocery; good and cheap bento box lunch on 41st street between Madison & 5th

            Zaiya; Japanese/Sandwich/bread; 41st between Madison & 5th

            Chiyoda Sushi; take out sushi/lunch box and eat-in sushi restaurant; reasonable priced on 41st between Madison & 5th

            Chikubu Japanese restaurant; on 44th between Madison & 5th; Friday lunch special larmen noodle is a hit; always a line after 12:00

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              To add to the list:

              Katagiri, on 59th b/t 2nd & 3rd: Japanese grocery, with a deli-esque counter, sushi, and bento boxes (I think they get them from Chiyoda - at least the stickers on the boxes say so...) - the bento boxes are discounted after a certain hour in the afternoon, and make for very tasty dinners.

            2. I work in the neighborhood just north of 42nd and Grand Central and both good burger and wichcraft are about $11-13 for lunch and both can take up to 20 minutes from entrance to exit on a carry out-- keep looking there must be something good and fast out there. Both Good Burger and Wichcraft seem to have some operational kniks to work out if they are going to make it in midtown lunch business crowd. A delivery order to my office from wichcraft took about an hour a few days ago and we are only a few blocks away and the sandwiches were cold.

              I am still searching for the place with speed, quality and value and if I see it I'll let you know.


              1. I actually live in the neighborhood and it really is slim pickins for decent food. However, for a quick lunch, you might want to check out a place called Tony's and an Asian fusion place called Aquamarine, both on 2nd Ave between 38th and 39th. Neither offer stellar food, but for a quick lunch during the workday, I think they might suit you just fine. Also, for a good Chinese lunch spot, I would try Shih Lee on 45th btwn 1st and 2nd - the food is consistent, but it's really the nice owners/workers that keep me going back.

                Please keep in mind, I've lived in the neighborhood for 5 years, but I almost NEVER eat here! So, if you find a hidden gem, please share!!!

                1. There are a number of choices in Grand Central itself, not least the venerable Oyster Bar, where you can sit at the counter and be done in 15 minutes and for under $10. Best things to get are the she-crab soup (Tues & Thurs only), oyster panroast and rock shrimp or (in season) soft-shell-crab po'boys.

                  In the food court area there is also a Jacques-Imo stand where you can get their famous fried chicken. Little Pie Co. has slices of its pies and cakes for dessert.

                  There's also an awesome burger at Michael Jordan's and the best steak fries in the city, though this pairing will set you back almost $40 with a drink and tip.