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Sep 14, 2006 06:56 PM


Sierramum mentioned this in a posting the other day, but I thought it deserved more recognition. This sounds like a great introduction to all of our wonderful restaurants down here. I'm very jealous I didn't think of the name first!!

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  1. This looks great. I live in the neighbourhood and it's true that there's been a huge improvement the last few years. I'm in the middle of a project go live at work and will be swamped until the end of next week (and then I'm going to Paris for a week's vacation!), but maybe I can fit in a dinner or 2. Thanks for posting.

    1. Why not Leslievillicious? :-P And I'm still having a hard time deciding on which ones to try! (Batifole's #1 though)

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        This weeks Now has an article about Leslielicious, so it will definitely be getting some attention. I'm going to Battifolle tonight, but I'll have to get to some of the others in the next two weeks. About the name change, my friends are too likely to change it to LESLIEVICIOUS

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          Let's leave it at Leslieville then, eh? How did Batifole go? Which items on the prix fixe did you choose? I don't exactly know when we're going but once the babysitter let's us know she's available, I'm making a reservation! :-)

      2. I'm thrilled about this event, and I hope lots of you will give these folks a try. Finally there's some very good food appearing in this part of town. We will definitely sample the places we haven't tried.

        We've been mostly happy at Barrio (good, sometimes imaginative small dishes), Batifole (great place), Gio's (well, it's Gio's...the nose--very noisy, good food, always fun), Joy (Ted seems to be genuinely trying for excellence), POP (limited but tasty menu, warm service, and they care), Vert (unique, mainly organic, tasty, uncomfortable), and Verveine (I've heard they have been slipping, but haven't been there recently).

        We've had mixed experiences at Baldini (new-see my post) and Toast (all over the map).

        I'm really surprised that Gio is participating (I doubt he is short of business) and Edward Levesque isn't.

        I do want to offer a major caveat about one of the participating places. Kubo Radio will happily take anyone's money, but they seem to treat those who don't fit their (undeclared) definition of what is young, cool, hip, and stylish with near disdain. As middle aged people (who happen to live nearby and eat out several times a week), we were made to feel distinctly unwelcome and uncomfortable. The circumstances were tangible--not merely our perceptions. Two reviewers from major newspapers seem to have had similar experiences. The food wasn't too good either. Some rave reviews for this place are posted on the board. If these posters weren't doing guerilla marketing, I'll bet they are in their twenties. (Gio's also caters to Kubo's target market, but we always feel welcome there. Food's better too.)

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          Wow! I'm surprized to hear that about Kubo. My husband and i have been there quite a few times. I'm late thirties, he's early forties, and we by no means fall into the young and hip category; nevertheless, we've always felt welcome and found the service pleasant (if a bit hasty), and the food tasty and good value, especially their prix fixe menu.

          1. re: Full tummy

            Maybe it was just ill trained or untrained staff, but we know others who had similar experiences and we don't plan on going back to find out. We certainly wish them well and I'm glad you had a better experience. Or perhaps you folks just look more stylish and cool than we do ;-)

            1. re: embee

              i also did not like the service. seemed to tend to the ppl at the bar vs. the ppl ordering food.
              well we ordered was 3 baby cakes (horrible) and it took 35 mins to get them out of the fridge. seriously. they need better/more competant wait staff

          2. re: embee

            We checked out Kubo Radio tonight as part of Leslicious. The service wasn't bad, but the food was mediocre (think raw green beans in peanut butter). The atmosphere was nothing less than irritating. It was difficult to carry on a conversation over dinner for the music (and other neighboring patrons shouting as a result). Frankly - we wish we stayed home tonight and cooked for ourselves.

          3. i think the food at kubo is decent, but nothing i would travel out of my way for.

            i have a weakness for the babycakes though (against my better judgement about their "frosting" versus "buttercream" approach), but in my informal survey of cupcakes of toronto, they're in the number 1 spot so far.

            $25 at batifole sounds like a great deal...but the menu usually hovers maybe $5-10 above it's not the greatest incentive...although i do love it there.

            that leslie jones place is new to me...maybe i'll have to do a brunch test to see how they measure up.

            1. Did Batifole today at Leslielicious. Beautiful hot bread, superb lobster bisque, roast cornish hen (good sauce; dark meat perfect; white a bit dry but still OK), bowls of frites with tarragon mayo and salad (for two; both impeccible), and frozen chocolate mousse with berries. Very French coffee (fine if you like it; too bitter for me). Generous portions and they did not stint for the promotion. Well paced service despite the full house. A strong 9.5 out of 10.