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Nov 17, 2004 10:23 AM

Davis, CA

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We'll be staying with a friend for 2 night next week--Any interesting chow near there?

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    Robert Lauriston

    Sudwerk is a very good brewpub, nusual in that it makes lager rather than ale. (So does the Gordon Biersch chain, but their beer's not nearly as good.) Decent German food.

    On your way up or back you might want to visit the Le Creuset outlet in Vacaville.


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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Sudwerks sounds great. My husband is a fan of Hefe-Weizen and Pilsners, so he will love it.


    2. You may also want to post on the CA board, since Davis is outside of the bay area according to this site. I've been passing along a second-hand recommendation lately (see below), but I don't think any hounds have reported on it yet.


      1. c

        Dos Coyotes! This is an outstanding southwestern food restaurant. The dishes are mexican with a southwest and californian flair. The rice and housemade salsas are truely fantastic. They have several locations- Davis, Sac., Roseville, all owned by the same family. I'm getting hungry...

        1. Taqueria Guadalajara (one in South Davis and one on Covell in North Davis) is bare-bones, but scrumptious and cheap with huge servings. I'd go for the super burrito served wet w/ enchilada sauce, which was a staple dinner for 2 while I was in Davis. A more upscale option would be the Mustard Seed in downtown davis. I've had one truly amazing meal there and one that was quite good, and the prices aren't bad for the menu, setting, etc.

          1. Thanks everyone!!!

            I think we will give Sudwerks a try on $1 pint night

            It will be a tough call between Dos Coyotes and the Taqueria.....