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Sep 14, 2006 06:31 PM

Fairway Produce

I'm disenchanted w/Fairway's produce. I always go planning to buy lettuce, but the mixed greens at the front are often slimy—the bulk ones and the ones in bags. The tomatoes (except the pre-packaged plum/grape tomatoes) are always underwhelming and really expensive. Last time, the broccoli was soft and droopy and generally, there's just not that much interesting there. I wonder if they have some storage problem or if there's just not enough turnover. Unless I'm remembering it in an unrealistically rosy way, the produce at the Upper West Side store is much much better. Does anybody else feel this way?

I guess I'm falling out of love.... though the cheese and fish depts still make me happy.

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  1. I have never really liked Fairway's produce for the same reasons you posted. Never buy the lettuce unless I'm strapped, and usually pass on everything except the corn. Did just buy some Gala apples that were terrific though. I don't know why the produce seems crappy compared to the stuff on the UWS but it does.

    1. You can get terrific produce nearby at the Added Value farm stands on Saturdays. Great greens and tomatoes.

      1. I feel that way too. The cylantro is always terrible looking

        1. Oh where, oh where does it all go??? Is everything always fresh???

          The mountains of turning produce/cheese/meat/dairy...sadly the huge waste / food-aging factor is likely built into the price we pay.

          That said, add up the entire realm of food stores and you have a bewildering amount of product sitting on the shelves.

          Does it become a tax deduction? City Harvest?

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            Well, some of it goes into prepared foods. That's why a lot of places even have prepared food sections.

            As for the degradation of Fairway's produce, I have a feeling (unconfirmed) that a lot of it has to do with storage issues. First, the stuff sitting outside will definitely go bad faster under the hot summer sun, but also when the stuff arrives by truck a lot of it when into storage across the street. I don't know if those warehouses (brick with the black doors) had cooling systems or not, but I don't think they did. It might have been an issue over this hot summer.

          2. Last weekend we purchased some nectarines at the Red Hook Fairway. We had to eat them the next day because they seem to have suddenly ripened practically overnight. We got them from the inside though. The blueberries we purchased were a mixed bunch. The package contained some ripe, overly ripe and not read to eat blueberries. The basil I wanted was so covered in dirt. I like fresh produce, but these leaves were covered in mud practically.