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Sep 14, 2006 06:01 PM

CSA- St. Louis area

I would like to join a CSA for next spring/summer (2007). Does anyone have any CSA's that they really like or don't like? I don't know much about the choices here in this area (St. Louis, MO), so any help is appreciated!

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  1. by csa, I assume you mean co-op farms in which you purchase a share of the crop delivered each week?

    1. I do mean a co-op farm...I'm sorry. I should have made that clearer.

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        Not sure if this works if you're in St. Louis, as opposed to the Metro East, but I'm in Edwardsville and get weekly deliver from Daydream Farms, which is based in Greenville, IL. They also have a stand at the Goshen Farmers Mkt in downtown E'ville, which runs Saturday mornings from spring to fall. Also, if you go to the Schlafly-sponsored Harvest Fest that is held every year in Oct. at Shaw Nature Reserve, you may find some stands from co-op farm operators. BTW, that is usually a great event!

      2. Hello showlett and anyone else. I found this site in a search for CSA in St. Louis and was wondering if anyone had any update on the prospects of joining a service. I live in St. Louis City.

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          Don't live in ST. Louis but I have subscribed to CSAs in the past. You need to get in early so this is a good time to ask. Most gardens are winding down for the year but you can still get your choice of the best ones if you sign up now. You might have to put down a small deposit.

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   can point you to some in our area. Many aren't excepting just yet, but you might as well start the email campaign anyway. I know R Pizza Farm was currently excepting new members but I don't think they had a drop off point that many would consider very convenient if they lived West of the Mississippi.

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            Sad to report that delivery to St. Louis City or any were close is hard to come by. I emailed a place that does delivery to St. Louis and was told they have a long waiting list for 2008. There are a couple of options if you are willing to drive to Illinois to pick it up. I hate to admit it but I am considering this option. I am considering La Vista I would be interested to hear if you found any place that delivers.

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              a lot of farms are trying to get away from CSAs from what I gather. Paul from Bellews said at the last Slow Food SLOWednesday that he doesn't do it because it's difficult to grow the wide variety people expect, and as a result, you can't devote your efforts towards having a few outstanding crops.

              It was an interesting point I'd not considered, and without getting into names, he mentioned a few farms that were trying to stop their CSA programs.

              If you're in St. Louis, you should really just head out to the markets. The farmers definitely notice if you're a regular face, and along with the occasional friendly discount I've had several give me something I'd never had and they thought I'd enjoy.

            1. I too am looking for a CSA in St. Louis for December 2009. Is there any update to this? When I return home for the holidays, does anyone know of good farmer's markets in the St. Louis area?

              Also, showlett, are we related? My last name is Showalter and my middle name (which is my mother's maiden name) is Lett....I had a twilight-zone type of moment when I saw your name on this blog...


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                I belong to a produce co-op which is in the St. Louis area, Wentzville, Troy, O'Fallon, Jefferson county, and thru out Illinois. I have been a member of the co-op for over a year and I live it! you can get more info on their web site
                give it a try