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Are you making a specialty food? Tell us about it

Ethnic Dinner Club (SEA)

206Guy Sep 14, 2006 05:42 PM

I'm a newbie to Chowhounds, but it looks to be a great resource to feed my "foodie-ness".

Since Sept 04, some friends and I have been meeting on a monthly basis to dine at local Seattle restaurants trying new and familiar ethnic cuisine. We've come up with the very creative name of the EDC (Ethic Dinner Club). In the past couple months, it's been getting harder to find new cuisines to try. So that's where I was hoping you all might be able to help. If any of you could provide recommendations for any and all cuisines in and around Seattle metro/suburbs, I'd really appreciate it. (Don't worry about repeat ethnic foods, we're bound to start that sometime.)



Here's a list of what we've done so far.

Sept- Ethiopian (Mesob)
Oct- Bolivian (Copacabana)
Nov- Afghan (Kabul)
Dec- Mexican (Juan Colorado)

Jan- West African (Afrikando)
Feb- Chinese (Shanghai Garden)
Mar- Indian (Cedars)
Apr- Polish (Polish Community Center)
May- Southern (Catfish Corner)
Jun- Moroccan (Marrakesh)
Jul- Puerto Rican (Sofrito Rico)
Aug- Mexican (homecooked)
Sept- Russian?
Oct- Brazilian (Samba)
Nov- Korean

Jan- Vietnamese (Tamarind Tree)
Apr- Turkish (Ephesus)
May- Italian (Tutta Bella)
Jun- American (potluck)
Jul- Various (Bite of Seattle)
Aug- Carribean (Paseo)

  1. rumgum Sep 17, 2006 08:26 AM

    Here's my list. Mostly Asian cuisine. I've learned about so many other places from y'all. Thanks.

    Bobby's Hawaiian Restaurant: Hawaiian (Everett)
    Hoosonyi: Korean (Edmonds)
    Kabul: Afghani (Seattle)
    Jones BBQ: BBQ (MLK, Seattle)
    Thai Dusit: Thai (U-District, Seattle), shutdown
    Grazie: Italian (Tukwila, Bothell)
    Sushi Zen: Sushi (Mill Creek)
    Yummy House Bakery: Hong Kong Baked Goods (ID, Seattle)
    Delight Bakery: Filipino Baked Goods (Beacon Hill, Seattle)
    BCD Tofu House: Draft Tofu Soup (Edmonds)
    Secret Garden: Korean (Lynnwood)

    My favorite homestyle eating in the International District:
    Fort St. George: Japanese style Spaghetti and Curries
    Maekawa Bar: Japanese grilled items, Donburi
    Green Village: various Chinese dishes
    Ocean City (kinda dirty inside, like to order take out): Noodle Soups w/ wonton, roast duck, fish balls; congee w/ preserved egg & roast pork

    1. i
      ira Sep 15, 2006 09:25 PM

      Aloha BBQ in Renton is Hawaiian with a Filipino influence:
      Ridiculously good at very inexpensive prices.

      1. 2
        206Guy Sep 15, 2006 03:59 PM

        Thanks for the responses everybody, and keep them coming! I"m sure we'll definitely put the recommendations to use.

        Roo- it would be terrific to connect w/ you and compare notes...

        Lauren- would you mind posting the link to the other discussion board here? Also, I think we've kept reviews (albiet very short ones) of the places we've been. I'll see if I can track them down and post them.

        Chownerd- 7 Star Pepper is one of my personal favorites, and La Carta de Oaxaca was excellent too (but might be hard to fit a large group).

        1. janedoe67 Sep 15, 2006 03:50 AM

          I would say Porta by the Market for Greek (in Belltown). If you go with a small to large group they will serve family style so you can taste everything. Don't miss the Greek Sausages (homemade) and the Yigantes (Giant Greek beans in a thin tomato sauce). Their drinks are great too (The Cucumber Margarita was written up in the Times).

          1. l
            lazysue Sep 15, 2006 01:01 AM

            Hawaiian - Ohana (not great but it will cover Hawaiian) There is also http://www.kauaifamilyrestaurant.com/ but it is really just a plate lunch plcae. It is really authentic though.

            La Carta De Oxaca is really wonderful.
            Maneki is a great place for home style Japanese.
            Fort saint George is American Japanese style and deserves to be considered as a completely seperate ethnic cuisine.

            1. ssusu Sep 14, 2006 11:44 PM

              how about

              Panos Kleftikos or Vios (Greek)
              Salvadorian Bakery, El Trapiche (White Center/Burien) (Salvadorian)
              The People's Pub (German)
              Viengthong Lao-Thai Restaurant (on MLK) (Lao)
              Hidmo Eritrean Restaurant
              Udupi Palace (South Indian)
              Hosoonyi Restaurant (in Edmonds) (Korean)

              In the May issue of Seattle magazine, they featured the 26 "best" ethnic restaurants. Here are some of their recs:

              Kusina Filipina (Phillipines)
              Neville's (in Redmond) (British)
              Kirirom Restaurant and Bakery (Lynnwood) (Cambodian)
              El Chalan (White Center) (Peruvian)
              Ikea Cafe (don't laugh) (Sweden)
              Budapest Bistro (Lynnwood) (Hungary)

              1. c
                chownerd Sep 14, 2006 09:59 PM

                How about Malay Satay Hut for Malaysian? It's a great mix of Chinese and Indian flavors. For authentic Japanese, try Tsukushinbo on 6th/Main. It's not fancy or especially good for large groups but their dinner menu is the closest I have found to izakayas I ate at in Japan. For Szechuan, I love Seven Stars Pepper (cumin lamb is soooooo good.) Finally, I have yet to go there because there is always a line but La Carta de Oaxaca always gets rave reviews for authentic Oaxacan cuisine.

                1. l
                  Lauren Sep 14, 2006 08:23 PM

                  What a cool thing you are doing 206guy and Roo. Over on another board, we do a similar thing but not as organized. Our most recent venture was to Salima (Malaysian) on MLK. Email me at ledlund@wcra.net if you are interested in hearing about it.

                  Do you do write-ups (reviews) of your meals? It'd be great if you could post them.

                  1. r
                    Roo Sep 14, 2006 07:00 PM

                    I am also part of an ethnic eating group called "Adventures in Dining". The following is a list of restaurants we have tried over the past two years. Feel free to draw from this list for your own culinary inspiration:

                    January – I Love Sushi – Bellevue (Japanese)
                    February – Racha Thai Restaurant – Lower Queen Anne
                    March – Taj Palace – Bellevue (Indian)
                    April – Andiamo – Bellevue (Italian)
                    May – Mediterranean Kitchen – Seattle
                    June – Giant's Causeway – Renton (Irish Pub)
                    July – El Camino – Fremont (neo-Mexican)
                    August – Lola – Belltown (neo-Greek)
                    September – Le P'tit Bistro – Belltown (French)
                    October – The China Garden – International District
                    November – N/A
                    December – N/A

                    January – Mamounia Moroccan Restaurant – Seattle
                    February – Tempero do Brazil – University District
                    March – Flying Fish – Belltown
                    April – Haruko's Japanese Restaurant – Mercer Island
                    May – Trader Vic's – Bellevue
                    June – Assiaggio – Seattle (Italian)
                    July – Monsoon – Capitol Hill (fusion Vietnamese)
                    August – The Melting Pot – Queen Anne (Fondue)
                    September – Mixtura – Kirkland (Andean Tapas)

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