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Buying a New Range - Bosch or Jenn-Air

Anyone have any opinions on this? I'm looking at a 30" dual fuel (gas for burners, electric for convection oven) from either Bosch or Jenn-Air. Can't go bigger and can't go high end because my current kitchen can't accomodate a professional hood (the kitchen in my dreams sure can, for the 48" range...)

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  1. I have a bosch duel fuel and I love it, although I haven't had much to compare to, having only lived in apartments with crappy ranges up to this point. The only problem we've had is when the broiler element went shortly after we moved in (the range was probably a year or so old at that point). I was told by the guy that fixed it that the element on any range can go at any time, whether it's a year old or 15 years old...not sure if that's true or not...

    I will say that I haven't used it to its capacity either...I never think to use the warming draw and I wonder about the proofing mechanism given that I'm pretty sure that there's no steam injection component : ) I mean, isn't providing moisture part of the deal so that your dough won't get a skin on it??

    1. Have you considered Blue Star Ranges? Do a Google search and check them out. We just got one a few months ago and are very happy with it. It is a 30 inch, with four gas burners (two are 22,000 BTU, one is a simmer), convection oven (gas), and a killer 1,800 degree broiler. You would want a pretty powerful hood - we got a Zephyr Napoli, but you don't need a commercial grade one. These are not as pretty as some high end stuff but if you want it for serious cooking, it rocks.

      Here is a link to get you started if you are interested:


      1. Do NOT get a Jenn-Air or any other downdraft exhaust range! I just (today) got rid of my Thermador because I was tired of the downdraft sucking all the heat out from under my pots and pans. I've just fired up my beautiful new Bosch for the first time. I bought it at Sears and also bought the 3-year extended warranty, because it's my experience that these things can go bad at any time.

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          I actually have one of these - the JennAir(came with the house) and also hate the fan sucking all the flame to one side, etc. However my range is in my island which I love. Did your solution include getting a hood? I'm probably not making any changes too soon but like to think ahead. Thanks!

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            Yes, I am getting a hood. My range isn't in an island, but I've seen some beautiful architectural-style hoods designed for islands.

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            I second your dissatisfaction with the downdraft Jenn-Air stove.
            There is the eternal choice of cooking with the fan off, which
            means that you have to scrub down your ceilings every week or so,
            or turning the fan on, which means that you have all the power of
            a child's birthday candle under your pots. And the fan clanks
            like something out of a David Lynch movie.

            That being said, the electric oven is exceptionally accurate...

          3. I'd seriously consider the Blue Star, but I have no options for a new hood and the one I have sucks.

            Thanks for the tip off on the Jenn-Air!

            1. My appliance repair man sure had some opinions! He told me that many of the high end ranges, fridges, etc. had real problems. I checked Consumer Reports and their tests agreed with him. Some were nightmares while a few of the very moderately priced brands rated much higher. Not just in repairs but a lot of other features. Sure surprised me.
              It's worth subscribing before you spend a lot of money on appliances. The best values may not be as sexy but if they work better, I'm not going to worry about the label.

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              1. re: MakingSense

                Making sense -

                I did subscribe to Consumer Reports just for that reason this week. Bosch was rated #1, Jenn-Air was #4

              2. I would not buy another Jenn Air. Next time it'll be a $250 special from Sears scratch and dent.

                1. I'm also getting a new range. I think I'm going to get the Kitchen Aid combination gas top and electric oven because it's the only one I know that will accommodate steam. They have what they call a "steam assist" system. I don't know if that's in any way equivalent to steam injection but what else is there for a home cook?

                  Seriously! If anyone knows of an alternative that will deliver good steam for my baking bread, I'd be very grateful to know about it. I've rusted a ton of cast iron and gummed up the electronics of two ovens trying to get steam in my oven cavity for my bread.

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                    I don't bake, so excuse the ignorance, but what do you need steam for? I use a breadmaker. And I keep hearing rave reviews of the convection oven on the Bosche. Here's that link:


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                      Chicago Wine Geek-
                      Steam in the first 15 minutes of baking keeps the skin of the dough flexible enough for the maximum rise and then produces a wonderful crunchy crust.

                      I use a breadmaker for my levains and also to knead my dough but I'd never bake in one. The results from hand-forming loaves and baking on a stone are infinitely superior.

                      Steam in the oven cavity doesn't interfere with or damage the heating element. And it works in a different way than convection heat (although convection may cause more rapid evaporation; I dunno).

                      A pan of boiling water *is* the time-tested method most of us have to settle for since each opening of the door to spray in more water causes a drop in the heat. But it's merely an approximation of what steam injection in commercial ovens can do. Meanwhile, the electronics above the oven cavity don't seem to hold up well to the steam.

                      I'm hoping steam assist will be a closer approximation but I don't want to plan my whole kitchen on a guess. I wish there were someone who could tell me candidly how the Steam Assist works for them.

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                      Hello, this won't be very helpful, but I suspect steam baking is not compatible with most home electric range ovens (many have exposed heat elements, no?). A pan with boiling water is the time-tested method and most bakers use stainless or aluminum pans. If you post on home cooking for help from people who steam in convection ovens, that might be the way to go, as the baking time is attenuated, lessening the need to continually refill the water pan. good luck

                    3. The Jenn-Air model that I'm looking at doesn't have the downdraft feature. Check it out:


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                        I'm afraid your link didn't work, but certainly a Jenn-Air without the downdraft would be a big improvement.

                        1. I have a 30" Blue Star RNB and it rocks. Had to jump through hoops to install the Viking hood, but the result is unbeatable.

                          This stove is HOT!

                          1. Went with the Bosch this weekend.

                            And a Bosch dishwasher.

                            And a cool microwave that is also a convection oven.

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                            1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                              Chicago Wine Geek -- Please, if you would, go to my dishwasher post nearby on this Cookware Board, and tell me about your Bosch dishwasher. We are still between the KitchenAid dishwasher and the Bosch (the latter recommended by our appliance tech), so I would like to hear about your experience with your Bosch. Thanks!

                              1. re: liu

                                Key factors in thinking about buying a gas range:
                                1. BTU's, if you want professional cooking, i.e. searing,wok coking for original flavor, boiling and over all heat control.
                                2. Quality of build, i.e. stainless grade, overall steel grade.
                                3. Burner build. Cap style, open vs sealed. best gas control requires air flow and air injection to acheive high BTU's. seal the system and you change the flame and heat.
                                4. temp control via BTU, by this i mean open flame high BTU will give you constant high heat. Think of this, when you heat a pan ad your oil and then drop your product in does the temp change? or does it stay constant?

                                With that said and i could go on... BLUE STAR is the answer. HIGH 22k BTU burners need i say more?

                            2. I hated everything about my Jenn Air cooktop (inherited with the house) and have only heard bad things about them, frankly.

                              I have had Bosch dishwashers in both houses and they were the bomb. Exceptional.

                              1. I'm on my second 30" JennAir. The first was all electric, the current one is dual fuel. Can't wait to go back to all electric. Hood is not an option. Downdraft worked great on the all electric. Gas burners waste lots of heat that goes up around the pot and heat the kitchen instead. Electric burners avoid this, so all heat goes into the pot, so things heat much faster and kitchen stays cooler. You can also turn the heat much lower on electric burners and don't get hot spots.

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                                1. re: pressurecooker

                                  I see this more as further evidence that the old JennAire stuff was generally a higher caliber than its competition while the newer JennAire stuff is mostly just more money...

                                  Betcha' coulda got a nicer range for less money

                                2. We have a Bosch dual-fuel range that we love. Does everything perfectly, except clean the cooktop itself. No kidding, it does everything anyone would want on a range, but cleaning the stainless top is a bit of a pain even though, of course, all the burners are sealed. We love it.

                                  We also have a Jenn-Air hood which is terrific. Love them both!

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                                  1. re: josephnl

                                    I know this is an old post, but I'm trying to decide between the same two brands myself. I'd like to get a 30" dual fuel slide in range...we have LP. I think I have it narrowed down to the Bosch and the Jenn-Air. The Bosch seems a bit less complex(less to break?) and the free standing ranges get great reviews. I haven't heard much about their slide-ins. The Jenn-Air seems a bit better looking? But I'd rather have better performance.

                                    1. re: RedHouse

                                      Have you considered Five Star? I'm not sure of the price point compared to the two you mentioned.


                                      1. re: Docsknotinn

                                        That is a nice looking range for sure!! Unfortunately, it's almost twice the cost of the two I mentioned. Thanks though....

                                      2. re: RedHouse

                                        If the slide in is as good as the free-standing Bosch dual-fuel which we have, I can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The free-standing which we have was top-rated by CR as well as our certified kitchen designer. We love it!

                                        1. re: RedHouse

                                          I have a Jenn Air Pro Style double oven range slide in Model JGR8890ADP and it has been a disaster. Within weeks everything but the burners shut down because steam from pots on back burners got in to the electronic board at the back. Under guarantee but new part and repair took weeks. I was away for six months then eight weeks after my return exactly the same thing happened (in other words after only about 8 months use of the range). I have a service contract but repair person will not come for nine days and will be carrying no spare parts so will have to order them, I assume I shan't have an oven for Christmas. Both times the oven collapsed I was expecting a lot of guests which is why I was using the back burners. Has any one else had this happen with electronic controls?

                                          1. re: Fuffy

                                            As mentioned previously, we love our Bosch dual-fuel range. This range has very sophisticated electronic controls which work perfectly. For the circuit board to not be protected from steam seems to be an incredibly poor design!

                                            1. re: Fuffy

                                              I wish I had seen your post before I bought mine!
                                              I have a week to go before my 30 days is up on this Jenn-air model. The controller is supposed to come in next week.
                                              After they replaced your controller had it worked better? Or did you get rid of the oven?
                                              Surely there has to be a permanent fix to a design flaw if that's what this really is.
                                              How frustrating, it really is a nice looking stove. But it has to work!

                                              1. re: JRomulus

                                                I gather you've had the same problem?
                                                Everything worked perfectly well until I simmered something on the back burner for a while. Then everything collapsed again, both ovens, timers etc. It has all been out since 7 December. Ten days after I reported the breakdown, a repairman came (without the part) and said he had to order the part. Two days ago I was telephoned and they said they were trying a different supplier for the part (this is exactly what happened last time).
                                                This is what I have learned. The repairman said the design flaw was even worse on a previous model when the flames from the back hobs would actually go up behind the controller. He also said that sometimes if the top oven is used for a long time the controller goes out. This is frightening as I mainly use the top oven. A friend who has a cheaper Sears stove with electronic controls at the back, like mine, says the same thing happens on hers except that hers rights itself when the controls dry out.
                                                No, I am not going to change the range, I can't face that. I am just going to not use the back burners much. I will warn others on Epinions and any other site I can find. I bought this model because there were only three double ovens that fit in to my space - I think I chose this because it looked slightly better than the others.
                                                Needless to say I bought an extended warantee.

                                                1. re: Fuffy

                                                  That is so weird. As I previously said, I have the top-rated Bosch dual-fuel range which has very sophisticated electronic controls on the back panel. I use all the burners all the time. I love this range! For the electronics to be unprotected from steam and/or heat is totally ridiculous. I would try to demand a refund and get the Bosch!

                                                  1. re: Fuffy

                                                    Fuffy, can I assume that Bosch's (and Thermador's) notoriously uncaring customer service doesn't care about the fact that your range isn't functioning at an acceptable level?

                                                    1. re: tommy

                                                      Tommy, mine is a Jenn-Air not Bosch. No they didn't seem to care but then I only complained to the person answering the warrantee phone number (who sniggered when I made a huge fuss about not having an oven over Christmas) and I asked for a repair. I didn't go further.
                                                      josephnl, I assume your Bosch doesn't have two ovens and isn't 30 inches wide? Because that is what I need. By the way, mine is all gas, is dual fuel gas rings and electric oven?

                                                      1. re: Fuffy

                                                        The dual-fuel Bosch range is 30" wide and has a gas cooktop and electric oven. It has one oven and a warming drawer. I have never seen a 30" range that has two ovens. Does the Jenn-Air have two ovens? I love my Bosch range, and by the way, have a Jenn-Air hood which is also terrific.

                                                        We used a certified kitchen designer with lots of experience in re-doing our kitchen. It appears that the small additional cost was money well spent!

                                                        1. re: josephnl

                                                          Yes Josephnl, my Jenn Air does have two ovens, which I really need. When I bought it in 07, I found three 30" slide ins with two ovens. I can't remember the other two brands, this one looked slightly better and also had the small oven on top, which is convenient as that is the one I use most. But, of course, the range has been a disaster because of the breakdowns and equally because of the length of wait for repair (two months this time).

                                                          1. re: josephnl

                                                            My GE Cafe range is 30" and has two ovens. I bought it a few months ago and I love it.

                                                        2. re: tommy

                                                          Get your Bosch from Sears -- they are forced to care.

                                                        3. re: Fuffy

                                                          Yes, like Fuffy, my wife and I bought the Jenn-air JGR8890ADP double oven. I read about some of the issues and decided to try it regardless. It really is a compelling model with decent capacity in both large bottom and top ovens (for a freestanding model) and the bottom convection oven really does a nice job....

                                                          when it works, of course.

                                                          Of course Maytag, Jenn-Air and Whirlpool are all the same company. I think they make Kenmore as well, so this particular style oven is probably going to have this oven if it comes from them. Electrolux (who some say is higher quality) makes a double freestanding model, but the small oven is on the bottom and not very large at all.

                                                          I did use the self-clean function for 2 hours on the top oven after a week to get rid of the "new oven smell". Probably a mistake.

                                                          In fact, I've read that sales reps at Sears, etc., often tell customers not to use the self clean function as it creates this problem. This in itself wouldn't be as bad as having back burner used causing the problem. We have not had this problem yet, despit extensive use over the holidays. Just the bottom oven went out, the top oven still works fine.
                                                          We called Sears repair and they came out for the warranty repair, within 2 days, he replaced the ignitor, which didn't fix the problem, so he had to order the new controller which supposedly takes a week. We'll see.
                                                          At this point, after looking at the alternatives, we are thinking about keeping it, and buying the extended warranty and possibly retrofitting the top control panel with some kind of an air-tight heat shield to prevent hot, moist air from getting to the electronics. I've also read in another forum where someone was going to mount a small AC exhaust fan in the rear of the top control panel to try in an effort to do the same thing.
                                                          One thing is certain. If this really is a design flaw and not a bad batch of controllers the factory has been using, then Jenn-Air has gone a long way down hill from what they used to be.

                                                          Fuffy, you can look up the date of manufacture of your product by using the serial number. It is a code that will tell you exactly which day it was made. Ours was made just in September of 2008.

                                                          1. re: JRomulus

                                                            Thank you JRomulus.
                                                            Both ovens, timers etc are still not working on my range and exactly as happened last time, parts are on back order and one part will not arrive until February 6 so that will mean my ovens have been out of commission for over two months. There was an almost as long delay last time.
                                                            My serial number is 10481197JJ. Do you know what date that would mean?
                                                            I am interesting in your idea of trying to make the control panel air-tight. Do you have any idea how this could be done?
                                                            Are there any other forums that could be helpful and is there anywhere besides Epinions where I could warn others?
                                                            Thanks very much for your help.

                                                            1. re: Fuffy


                                                              According to this website, Fuffy your Jenn-Air was made in May of 2006.
                                                              My serial number was 19252080NR, made September of 2008.
                                                              This is scary. This means this same defect has existed for years with this product; not likely just a bad run of controllers, a serious design flaw.

                                                              Yes, "was". I had Sears pick it up today. Like you, the controller never showed up, and it must be on back-order. What an awful track record they are developing. I hope everyone returns theirs, what good is an extended warranty if there are no parts? Unbelievable. It is a beautiful stove, and the dual oven with the small oven and broiler on top is excellent, but if it does not work, forget it. If I was stuck with it, I'd figure out a way to cram some heat resistant insulation around and above the heat vents, just below the contol panel. It is accessable from the back of the range.

                                                              But, since this problem is fairly common with the newer electronic ranges, in an effort to pick a different company than Whirlpoo/Maytag/Jenn-Air, I went with an Electrolux EW30GF65GS. They are heavier, sturdier, and appear to be much better engineered. It came in today, and I will report back on how it performs in a few weeks. The Jenn-air lasted 10 days before it shot craps. I don't know how this could be any worse, and I did pick up a 5 year extended warranty.

                                                              1. re: JRomulus

                                                                Well, thank you again Fuffy. I am sorry you are having to deal with this situation.

                                                                I did file negative reviews on the Jenn-AIre model at consumerreports.com and sears.com. I was fortunate I read your story and was able to return mine.
                                                                The Electrolux EW30GF65GS is a dream, but that is little consolation to you.

                                                                If you do have an extended warranty, usually 4 repairs invokes the "lemon" clause and they should replace it. I hope you finally get satisfaction on your oven.

                                                        4. re: JRomulus

                                                          My 10 year old Jenn-Air had the same problem, I could not use a large pot on the rear burners or the controller would go out. It was replaced at least 4 times under warranty then another 7 or 8 times under extended warranty. Twice I had to fight with the warranty company because they tried to cancel my warranty by stating that I was abusing the range by using a large pot on a rear burner after being advised that it would damage the range...it was unreal, I finally gave it away and got a new range. I spoke to a Sears Tech who said that Jenn-Air has been aware of this issue for years and they refuse to address the problem and have continued to make ranges with the same design flaw

                                                          1. re: 2sleepy

                                                            Heavens! Thank you very much. Did you ever think of returning the stove or Small Claims Court? Someone mentioned that if a stove (or anything?) breaks down three or four times within one guarantee period it is officially a lemon and you can get your money back.
                                                            I am still wondering what to do.

                                                        5. re: Fuffy

                                                          I have a Jenn Air model JES9850bas and it, too has been a pathetic purchase. 5 weeks after purchase in Oct. 2008, the front control panel fried. No turkey dinner at Thanksgiving - the part took several weeks to become available ("on backorder"), from service call to installation. Before Xmas 2009, the control panel went on the fritz again - no oven. No serviceman, either as it was too close to Xmas and all were busy. (Probably servicing other Jenn Air ranges...) After the Holidays, phoned Service centre, and found out that the part is YET AGAIN on backorder. One suspects the increase in the demand of this product is the result of a faulty design. Same part, different year....On the internet, I noted several other consumers with the SAME CONTROL PANEL defect. Will I ever buy Maytag, Jenn Air, Whirlpool and the rest of this corporation's built-in obsolescence hand-me-downs? No!!! Save Yourself the Grief and DO NOT BUY FROM THE WHIRLPOOL CORP

                                                          1. re: wristcast1

                                                            Unbelievable!! As I've said in multiple previous postings, we have the Bosch dual-fuel range which we use to death...the cooktop is great, the oven is terrific, the electronic controls are very sophisticated (actually too many programs...from bake to broil to roast to multiple convection settings to Sabbath to warming to proofing, etc., etc.) and everything works perfectly. Cannot recommend this range highly enough. I'm almost afraid to continue to praise it, but we've used it for three years, and I can't imagine wanting anything else!

                                                    2. DO NOT BUY A JENNAIR STOVE.
                                                      I hate the stove. The convection unit barely functions.
                                                      I hate the repair problems with a stove only 5 years old.
                                                      But mostly I hate the repair contract that's provided thru GE. They don't show up. And when they do, they don't know up from down.

                                                      1. I am SO glad I found this website and read all these replies. My husband and I are re-doing our kitchen, and just purchased all BOSCH appliances. I was having buyer's remorse thinking maybe I should have gone with the Jenn-Air and thank you everyone for convincing me that I made a good decision! Thank goodness. It's so difficult to make a decision, making your "dream kitchen" is stressful! I am waiting for the new European style BOSCH refrigerator to come out, but the rest of my appliances are all BOSCH and should be here in a few weeks, as well as my cabinets. Thanks!

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                                                        1. re: mckaret

                                                          Don't know about the other appliances that Bosch makes, but we love our Bosch dual-fuel range and our Bosch dishwasher. Did you get the dual-fuel range...you will love it?

                                                        2. I've had a Jenn-Air dual fuel range with a downdraft fan for 10 years. I've had to replace the control module on the front (~250 each) twice. I wouldn't buy another. Come on, it's made by Whirlpool. They're not the stoves they were before!

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                                                          1. re: djm cooker

                                                            By "control module" I'm assuming your talking about the timer bidness. It's positioned just right for being leaned against if you're talking to some one in the kitchen. And if it goes, so does the self-clean oven feature. HaHa - ask me how I know.

                                                            1. re: djm cooker

                                                              I have heard the same complaint before. We have had the Bosch dual-fuel for more than 3 years, use it heavily...every day. We love it!

                                                              1. re: josephnl

                                                                awesome thread as i am currently debating what dual-fuel range we should go with in our remodel. i love my bosch dishwasher--in fact it is the second one i've purchased because i loved the first one (in a different house!) so much--and was hoping to see some good info on the bosch ranges. we're leaning toward a 30" dual-fuel range and a second wall oven. it will fit into our kitchen better than a pro-style and hopefully cost less. i hope.

                                                                1. re: mlschot

                                                                  We too love our Bosch dishwasher, and as you can see from my above posts, cannot praise our Bosch dual-fuel range high enough. It's outstanding!

                                                                  1. re: josephnl

                                                                    hey, josephnl, without going through all your posts, is your range a slide in or freestanding?

                                                                    1. re: mlschot

                                                                      The instruction manual says it is "freestanding", but we have it installed between two kitchen cabinets. Don't really know the difference...but we love the range...the cooktop, oven and warming drawer all work great!

                                                            2. I know this is an old post, but want to know how everyone is doing with their ranges. I am going to replace my 6-year-old 30" dual fuel Jenn Aire with downdraft, as the downdraft interferes with the burners and the control panel has to be replaced for the second time, to the tune of $400 plus installation. What's next for me? Blue Star? Bosch from Sears?

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                                                              1. re: foodyphile

                                                                Cooked dinner tonite on our 5 year old dual-fuel Bosch range, and cannot fault it in any way. The gas burners work great...from super hot 15,000 btu to simmer, the oven works great, and we absolutely love the warming drawer. I'm sure that there are more expensive and more deluxe ranges than our Bosch, but this range does everything we want perfectly Nuf said!!!

                                                                1. re: foodyphile

                                                                  Jenn aire is a poor imitation of a quality stove: it's got the looks, but not the substance.
                                                                  I can't wait to replace mine.

                                                                  1. re: escargot3

                                                                    My mom used one for ~30 years without much issue. The electric cartridges need replacement over time but, so do the coils on a cheap stove.

                                                                    1. re: Sid Post

                                                                      a) 30 years ago the stoves weren't built with computer chips.
                                                                      b) i also suspect they weren't making the knobs out of plastic that melts from the heat of the stove.

                                                                  2. re: foodyphile

                                                                    I cooked on a Jenn-Air dual fuel for 11 years and liked it, although I had to replace the igniters once and definitely would have preferred a hood if that had been possible.

                                                                    However, it doesn't compare to the Thermador gas cooktop with hood I now have in my new house. The previous owners put it in in 1995 and it is in great shape. When it dies, I'll replace it with another Thermador.

                                                                    1. re: Isolda

                                                                      thanks. i will keep that in mind.

                                                                  3. we have all bosch appliances (double oven/microwave), refrigerator, dishwasher. the only appliance that isn't is our 30 inch wolf stove. it replaced a jenn-aire, which was a piece of ----. if you can't do wolf, bosch is the way to go. several folks recommended blue star - have no experience, but great reputation. think also about 5 star, made in the USA, in a previous life i had one and it was FANTASTIC.

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                                                                    1. re: rkscher

                                                                      Still hate my Jenn Air. I never tried changing it but live in fear and trembling of the back burners steaming up the controls and putting the ovens out of action for months - as happened twice. I avoid using the back burners as much as I can, and use them for very short times when I do.