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Sep 14, 2006 05:42 PM

Buying a New Range - Bosch or Jenn-Air

Anyone have any opinions on this? I'm looking at a 30" dual fuel (gas for burners, electric for convection oven) from either Bosch or Jenn-Air. Can't go bigger and can't go high end because my current kitchen can't accomodate a professional hood (the kitchen in my dreams sure can, for the 48" range...)

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  1. I have a bosch duel fuel and I love it, although I haven't had much to compare to, having only lived in apartments with crappy ranges up to this point. The only problem we've had is when the broiler element went shortly after we moved in (the range was probably a year or so old at that point). I was told by the guy that fixed it that the element on any range can go at any time, whether it's a year old or 15 years old...not sure if that's true or not...

    I will say that I haven't used it to its capacity either...I never think to use the warming draw and I wonder about the proofing mechanism given that I'm pretty sure that there's no steam injection component : ) I mean, isn't providing moisture part of the deal so that your dough won't get a skin on it??

    1. Have you considered Blue Star Ranges? Do a Google search and check them out. We just got one a few months ago and are very happy with it. It is a 30 inch, with four gas burners (two are 22,000 BTU, one is a simmer), convection oven (gas), and a killer 1,800 degree broiler. You would want a pretty powerful hood - we got a Zephyr Napoli, but you don't need a commercial grade one. These are not as pretty as some high end stuff but if you want it for serious cooking, it rocks.

      Here is a link to get you started if you are interested:

      1. Do NOT get a Jenn-Air or any other downdraft exhaust range! I just (today) got rid of my Thermador because I was tired of the downdraft sucking all the heat out from under my pots and pans. I've just fired up my beautiful new Bosch for the first time. I bought it at Sears and also bought the 3-year extended warranty, because it's my experience that these things can go bad at any time.

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          I actually have one of these - the JennAir(came with the house) and also hate the fan sucking all the flame to one side, etc. However my range is in my island which I love. Did your solution include getting a hood? I'm probably not making any changes too soon but like to think ahead. Thanks!

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            Yes, I am getting a hood. My range isn't in an island, but I've seen some beautiful architectural-style hoods designed for islands.

          2. re: pikawicca

            I second your dissatisfaction with the downdraft Jenn-Air stove.
            There is the eternal choice of cooking with the fan off, which
            means that you have to scrub down your ceilings every week or so,
            or turning the fan on, which means that you have all the power of
            a child's birthday candle under your pots. And the fan clanks
            like something out of a David Lynch movie.

            That being said, the electric oven is exceptionally accurate...

          3. I'd seriously consider the Blue Star, but I have no options for a new hood and the one I have sucks.

            Thanks for the tip off on the Jenn-Air!

            1. My appliance repair man sure had some opinions! He told me that many of the high end ranges, fridges, etc. had real problems. I checked Consumer Reports and their tests agreed with him. Some were nightmares while a few of the very moderately priced brands rated much higher. Not just in repairs but a lot of other features. Sure surprised me.
              It's worth subscribing before you spend a lot of money on appliances. The best values may not be as sexy but if they work better, I'm not going to worry about the label.

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                Making sense -

                I did subscribe to Consumer Reports just for that reason this week. Bosch was rated #1, Jenn-Air was #4