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Sep 14, 2006 05:28 PM

new Milk & Honey restaurant on 45th St NYC

Hi wanted to know any comments on the new place Milk & Honey that opened last month on 45th St bet 5th & 6th Ave in Manhattan. It seems crowded at lunchtime. What is worth ordering for lunch or breakfast. Thanks Zev

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  1. I sampled Milk n' Honey yesterday. First, let me say that there has been a dire need for a decent dairy lunch option in midtown. M&H has a good range of options: salad bar, pizza, soups, hot entres and panini. I tried a panini that was made with grilled vegetables and fresh mozzarella - quite tasty and not greasy, though it could have benefited from more time on the sandwich press. The sushi I tried was fine. The hot options were mostly in the slightly oily pasta family. I did not try the pizza, though I noted that they offer whole wheat. In all, a welcome, clean addition. I wish they were open a bit later for dinner delivery.

    1. An update: I sampled the pizza - ingredients were reasonably good and fresh. However, the pizza suffered from an underdone, doughy crust.

      1. Is this a good evening place? Crowded too?

        1. There are a lot of options. I went a little later in the evening (to pick up food for the evening- on a cruise), and it was not crowded. The staff seemed almost bored, and the cashier was not on top of her game, though I think that she made have been a new hire. The food itself was decent, and it was a perfect fit for the nine days.

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            I have not noticed it being crowded in the evenings. It can be crowded at lunch time. I agree that staffing seems to be a problem there. When one of the guys are out, the rest have trouble keeping up. At other times, there are too many behind the counter and in the kitchen. The female cashier has been there for awhile but doesn't perform to minimum standards.

            What are your impressions of the cleanliness of the place? When I go there in the mornings, the place is clean (the same cannot be said of some nearby places) but at lunch they are not on top of bussing and wiping the tables. You end up having to bus someone's tray and placing your tray on top of a dirty table. I wish the manager would make this more of a priority.