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Sep 14, 2006 05:09 PM

Zinfandel & relatives

Edmeades's zins from the 70s, Green & Red's from the early 80s, and Nalle's from the late 80s are a few of examples of zins I used to love.

Nalle's were pushing toward the superripe, jammy style that's the only kind I've encountered in recent years, but they were "only" around 14-14.5% alcohol.

Does anybody make balanced wine out of zinfandel grapes any more?

Primitivos I've always found flabby and hot.

Some of the cheaper plavac mali (Croatian zinfandel relative) wines I've tried have been interesting, but the more expensive ones tend toward the same excesses as in California.

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  1. Turley's! Marinelli's JackAss! Both still great though pricey.

    Edmeades and Green and Red were great wines. I haven't had them in years myself.

    1. What's your take on Carlisle?

      1. Turley is the epitome of the modern style I don't appreciate. It's the reducto ad absurdum of what Nalle was doing in the late 80s.

        1. Storybook Mountain Mayacamas Range. Very balanced, not over the top traditional style Zin. Other than that, I haven't had any Zins in the last year that I have found interesting or inspiring. Most have been too alchoholic, too extracted, had excessive volitile acidity, and/or Brett contamination.

          1. I picked up a couple of bottles of the Green and Red 03 Tip Top Vineyard (1,700 ft), one for a gift. Notice it's only 14.9% abv, any idea if it might be more the old style than their Chiles Valley? Also found a bottle of the 03 Calcareous (Paso Robles) that I enjoyed at a recent tasting, it weighs in at 15.9 abv so might not be what you're after.

            A local merchant rec'd a bottle recently that I enjoyed but I'm blanking on the name, Mauritson comes to mind, but not sure. I'll see if I can spot it next time in the store and post back.