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Sep 14, 2006 05:02 PM

Low fat (& still yummy--if that's possible!) recipes:

Hi guys,
I'm new to this board, from Maine. I grew up w/my whole family
cooking from scratch. I think a lot of that had to do with the
fact that I grew up in the middle of nowhere!
I am trying to if not loose weight, then @ least keep my
same shape, & have been searching for some good (& creative!)
low-fat/fat-free recipes. (For any meal!)
Any suggestions would be helpful! :-)

(By low-fat, I mean using things such as egg whites, non-trans
fat butter, & splenda!)

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  1. Check out the websites for Eating Well and Cooking Light magazines.

    1. I agree--Cooking Light has some terrific recipes.

      Personally, I just try to substitute all the sour creams, yogurts, milk, etc., with low- or non-fat alternatives, cut back on the white grains, and go with leaner meats. And remember: portion size!

      1. Welcome to the board! If you do a search on "low fat" or "healthy", you'll find a ton of old posts that will give you great recipes and tips.

        Just a couple of comments, though... I'm not sure what you meann by "non-trans fat butter"? Butter is by its very nature is non-trans fat. Trans fat is a human invention -- hydrogenated vegetable oil. Also, please, please, please carefully consider how much Splenda you use. Despite what the advertising implies, Splenda is not a "natural" product. It is not sugar. It is a artificially produced sweetener that has the same molecular structure as sugar... except for a chlorine molecule in place of one of sugars other molecules. When you change the molecular structure of something, it is no longer that thing.

        Sugar is not evil. Eating sugar in excess (just like everything else) is where the problems lie.

        Good luck on your quest and happy chowing!

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Yes, I agree. I feel it's best to remove your attention away from sugar (and excess fat) rather than finding a substitution, which just seems to increase the focus on whatever is to be avoided.
          For example, dessert/sugar is better as a once-in-a-while treat, otherwise out of sight, out of mind (ok, I know, not so easy, but...) and to get away from cheese and butter, I prefer to focus on Asian/Indian dishes or simple vegan/lenten fare.
          Having said that, I actually prefer a lot of low-fat dairy items to the full-fat version.
          I have some delicious (naturally low-fat-vegan) recipes; a nice root vegetable stew, a split pea soup and a lentil soup. These dishes would be would be great up in Maine just about now. You also have lots of great seafood to play around with up there too. I can't recall the recipes I mentioned at the moment, but I can post tomorrow if you'd like. If you google or go to the mentioned sites, I'm sure you could find just as good a recipe online now.

        2. I recently went on a day boating trip from Diversey Harbor in Chicago accross Lake Michigan to the Michigan coastline. I needed a quick, easy, and healthy dish that doesn't sacrifice flavor and that can travel in a packed I did a foodnetwork search and came up with Rachel Rays Curry-in-a-hurry Rotisserie Chicken Salad. It's fantastic! The calorie counting bikini-clad crowd loved it! Here's the foodnetwork link.