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UBurger-Kenmore Square

I just saw that there is a new greasy spoon type burger joint opening up in Kenmore Square. It's right next to Thai Dish where that steakhouse buffet place used to be.

The signage just says UBurger: Burgres, Fries, Frappes. Sounds like my kind of place! I'm guessing the U in UBurger is a nod to the fact that it's technically on the BU Campus. I'm hoping this is not some sort of chain like Cluck U.

Count me excited! Sounds like it could be Boston's and BU's answer to Bartley's.

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  1. Anyone have any info on this place?

    1. This was in the Herald a couple weeks ago (you have to read about halfway through before the relevant stuff starts):


      The VERY cool part is, the owners say they're basing this place on an In-N-Out model.

      Cross your fingers.

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        I guess I won't need to go to San Diego anymore. ;-)

      2. Well, I won't be cancelling my trips to Cali for In N Out animal style burgers any time soon...but...this new place DOES sound interesting. Anyone know if it's actually open yet? If they can really do it right, I think it'll be a great idea (and a success!)

        1. I'll be passing by on my way home tonight. I'll let you know how close it looks!

          1. Just walked by. Not open yet, but they appear to be putting on the finishing touches. Limited seating, but it looks good in there. They were writing out the menu items on a menu board above the front counter. Didn't see much, excet "cheeseburger" and "double cheeseburger" and something called a "cowboy burger" under special burgers.

            They look ready for a launch by next week.

            1. I keep seeing references to In N Out burgers in California. In the sixties and seventies there was an In N Out on Hereford St. by Newbury St. Great burgers. Does any one remember this place and is there a connection?

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                I don't THINK that was part of the chain (I may be wrong, though!), as I believe there were only a handful of In N Out Burgers, all on the West Coast, in the 1970s. Even now, I think they are only in 3 or 4 states in the Southwest.

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                  California, Nevada and Arizona only.

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                    Correct: In-N-Out has only one meat-packing plant where it makes its own (never frozen) beef chuck patties. Their stores have to be within trucking distance of this place. This is probably its most important differentiator, and the reason we are unlikely to ever see one in New England.

              2. Just drove by at 3 pm today (Friday), the open sign was in the window and people were going in.

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                  giddy squeals!

                  woohoo! First hound with a review gets a white carnation.

                2. white carnation?

                  that place has changed 3 times in the past 2 1/2 years I have lived in boston...

                  someone be brave and give it a whirl

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                    It's a terrible location. I think this could be a winner though.

                  2. Was there last night at around 7pm. Got the Cowboy burger (bacon and mushrooms and BBQ sauce), with an extra patty, and a side of onion rings - came out to a bit under $10.

                    Burger was pretty decent, a bit on the bland side, but meaty, and definitely well sized. Each patty is easily twice or three times as thick as a McD's patty and is evenly shaped. Thus two patties was very filling.

                    Onion rings are the kind with a very thin film of batter on very thin onion rings. I liked that I was eating and tasting onion instead of eating and tasting fried batter.

                    My companions got a side of fries which were just crisp enough on the outside and soft on the inside. Could use some pre-salting perhaps?

                    Overall, a satisfying experience.

                    1. Stopped in last night and had a cheeseburger. It was not amazing and kind of tasted like a really good fast food burger (like in-n-out). A couple things bugged me though, first they didn't ask for a temperature on the burger. I didn't realize this until a I had sat down, and figured I would just see what happened. In the end it worked out and the burger came out at a nice medium rare. the second was the lettuce is shredded. I don't know why but it irked me. The fries were nice a tasty and I agree the o-rings were not worth it and they defintely need to pre-salt. I'm hoping place settles in nicely as I I will definely be coming back.

                      1. Just had my first uburger: cheese, lettuce tomato, pickles, onions, and a house spread.

                        The burger is fine, but not great. Moist, juicy, but rather flavorless. I hope they tinker with the seasonings. I have no idea if the house spread is good...a good spread can make a burger (in 'n out, big mac), but there was so little on my burger that I couldn't taste it! Had to supplement with ketchup.

                        I agree with a previous poster about the shredded lettuce. Not very pleasant part of a burger. I took most of it off.

                        On the positive side, the burgers are griddled, not grilled, and the juices and little grease drops that make a fast food burger great were well represented. Napkin necessary!

                        I think the prices are a bit high. Everything is a-la-carte. I think it would be nice to offer a burger, fries, soda combo for $8.

                        All in all, decent, but I'm slightly underwhelmed. I hope to go back soon and try again, this time with extra spread and onion rings. The frappes looked good.

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                          Just went to Uburger and got the bacon cheeseburger. It had the spread and lettuce tomatoes onions and pickles. I thought it was pretty good. I thought that it could have had a little more flavor and i agree about the juiciness. I didn't mind the shredded lettuce but that is more of a personal preference.

                          I went right before they were closing and I was talking to the owner. He says that for the first week or two they are trying to get feedback from customers so that they can make some changes and then when they feel that they have it right they will advertise and have a grand opening. I think that they are on the right track and they have a good idea (basing it on the in-n-out concept). I would definitely go back, but I'm going to let them settle in for a couple weeks and then go (I got a feeling the next time I will have an "in n out" experience. I also thought the fries were great and the oreo frappe was out of this world

                        2. Does anyone have a phone number?? I've been calling and calling and no one picked up so I googled the number and it came up as being a private residence phone number. Please help me out!

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                            You need a phone number for UBurger? Hmmm...maybe it's not listed yet because they're still in their "soft" opening. It's in Kenmore Square right next to Thai Dish.

                            1. Just wanted to chime in here as we stopped at Uburger on Friday night..... Definitely the best fast food burger around, definitely more on par with "in and out" than say, Tim's Tavern. [and yes i know Tim's is no longer, just using that as a reference point] We ordered 2 cheeseburgers, 1 fry, 1 soda and 1 chocolate milkshake. Total was just under $18, so no, not exactly cheap, but good solid stuff and pretty quick turnaround. The fries were handcut and really really good. The chocolake shake was really more like a milkshake than a frappe..i.e. not so thick but tasted great. True that the burger doesn't knock you over the head with chargrilled flavor but it was juicy and certainly did have nice flavor..I agree with a previous poster that it might make sense to do somesorta combo ie. burger fries and soda for $8 'cause yeah, stuff does add up fast and it ends up being not so much less than it might be if you went and sat down at Bartley's or O'sullivans. Regardless, it gets a thumbs up from me as a great place to go when you want a good burger quick.

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                                Just tried my first U Burger. Fine stuff. I got the basic cheeseburger, hot, fresh, cooked medium (apparently, all burgers are cooked to this temperature) and fries, which were also fresh and absolutely yummy. I asked the counter guy what they put into the burger and was told a mix of sirloin & chuck. The results showed - fresh as a daisy. Kenmore Square is defintitely better for this place. Why would anybody go to McD's now?

                                1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                                  I can only think of one reason (and it's not a good one): to spend about 1/2 the amount. You can walk outta Mickey D's with a burger, fries and soda or shake for under $5. It'll cost you close to $10 at Uburger. That said, I think it's TOTALLY WORTH IT to spend the extra cash for the freshly ground and freshly made burger and fries at Uburger. It is without a doubt worth double (and possible even triple) whatever you might get at another fast food burger joint (in and out excepted.)
                                  I do, however, think it would be great if they did some sorta combo deal at Uburger. I think someone else mentioned this previously --something like a burger, fries and soda for $8, or something to that effect.

                                  I wish there was a way you could specify how you wanted your burger cooked, but I get that takes it that one step too far from "fast food."

                                  But yeah, definitely best "fast food" burger in Boston now, no doubt.

                                  1. re: twentyoystahs

                                    The combo idea is a great one.

                                    As for In & Out, I've never been. Is there one on the East Coast? ... Never mind, I saw Gabbatta's post above. Too bad. It would be nice to compare & contrast.

                                    1. re: twentyoystahs

                                      On my last visit I asked the fella at the register if I could specify a temperature and he said "Absolutely! Just tell how you want it cooked and they'll do it for you."

                                      1. re: tamerlanenj

                                        Really?? Well, that's good to know. Great!

                                2. Nice fresh salads and a very tasty Caesar dressing.

                                  The walls are corrugated metal, so it's LOUD!

                                  1. I went over the weekend and had the basic cheeseburger; I loved it. I have never had an In and Out burger, but this was the perfect "fast food" one in my experience, though it is in fact cooked to order. Great texture to the bun I thought, nice sauce, beefy taste. I actually liked the shredded lettuce. The fries were terrific too, and obviously fresh made as I saw potatoes ready for cutting, and they keep batches fried once ready to fry a second time to order.

                                    I was feeling piggish, so also had a hot dog with the works to go; this was almost a Chicago dog, with pickled peppers, tomato, onion, and mustard. That was tasty too.

                                    1. I think the early verdict is that UBurger is a winner...maybe not spectacular, but certainly something that Boston was lacking: high quality fast food.

                                      1. Is it better than what you'd get at Flamer's, at the mall food court? (I'm not a regular, but I guess you could consider that a cut above McDonalds).

                                        1. There was a story about In-N-Out on NPR yesterday:

                                          1. What's the seating, etc. like? I'm envisioning something like Spike's-- counters and a couple of tables, but not designed for you to sit there more than ten minutes.

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                                              Finally checked this place out today for the first time. There's about 10 tables, maybe (for two people, fast food style) I dunno how crowded it gets at peak times, but was OK when I stopped by on the tail end of lunchtime on a Friday (though maybe BU was off for a holiday weekend today?) Phantom Gourmet was in there filming when I was there...

                                              My experience was exactly the same as many of those above-- great fries (though a bit too greasy, and maybe too many of them (!)), and an OK but slightly meh burger for the price. It seems to have the makings of a great burger (simple onions-lettuce-tomato-cheese format, sauce seemed kind of in-n-out-ish, even got the in-n-out style ketchup dispensers), but the patty was just kind of unexciting. For me, it was about 30% too expensive for the taste, or 30% too bland for the price. Maybe asking for it to be cooked medium would have helped (the default was very well done) In retrospect, maybe even just a little salt would have helped (they had packets but I didn't think to add any)

                                              My personal conclusion was that it's a good place for a burger "fix", but I'm in CA often enough that I think I'll just hold out for in-n-out (which wins in cheap *and* tasty)

                                            2. UBURGER is doing a good job at operating in their space. location is key and food is fresh. i think they are still working out the kinks. The owners' background is in the business so i am sure they will get up to speed soon.

                                              a note about tim's: the issues surrounding the closing had nothing to do with the kitchen of the fact that food was not sold for a year. the problems were way before that.

                                              but i too will fall over if someone does anything to the space other than change the grease in the fryolater...although i know they will have to since the ENTIRE space will have to come up to code.

                                              i remember when the burger there was $1.75 and cheese was another ten cents...

                                              1. This is all making me crave the Blazer Pub in NY. Too bad I generally don't want to eat burgers the day before or after Thanksgiving.