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Sep 14, 2006 04:31 PM

UBurger-Kenmore Square

I just saw that there is a new greasy spoon type burger joint opening up in Kenmore Square. It's right next to Thai Dish where that steakhouse buffet place used to be.

The signage just says UBurger: Burgres, Fries, Frappes. Sounds like my kind of place! I'm guessing the U in UBurger is a nod to the fact that it's technically on the BU Campus. I'm hoping this is not some sort of chain like Cluck U.

Count me excited! Sounds like it could be Boston's and BU's answer to Bartley's.

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  1. Anyone have any info on this place?

    1. This was in the Herald a couple weeks ago (you have to read about halfway through before the relevant stuff starts):

      The VERY cool part is, the owners say they're basing this place on an In-N-Out model.

      Cross your fingers.

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      1. re: Bostonbob3

        I guess I won't need to go to San Diego anymore. ;-)

      2. Well, I won't be cancelling my trips to Cali for In N Out animal style burgers any time soon...but...this new place DOES sound interesting. Anyone know if it's actually open yet? If they can really do it right, I think it'll be a great idea (and a success!)

        1. I'll be passing by on my way home tonight. I'll let you know how close it looks!

          1. Just walked by. Not open yet, but they appear to be putting on the finishing touches. Limited seating, but it looks good in there. They were writing out the menu items on a menu board above the front counter. Didn't see much, excet "cheeseburger" and "double cheeseburger" and something called a "cowboy burger" under special burgers.

            They look ready for a launch by next week.