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Sep 14, 2006 04:10 PM

Le Petit Prince- New Bakery in Astoria

I went to Le Petit Prince at B'way b/t 33 & 34. Had some very nice, little cookie/cakes that were simple and delicious. Vanilla or chocolate flavored that were soft, nutty, and perfectly moist.

I also had a croissant this morning. It was the best I've had in the neighborhood, which isn't normally saying much as most of the others are crescent shaped dry bread, but this was buttery, flaky and had a nice density to the soft layers in the middle. I am no croissant expert, but I really enjoyed it.

They don't have a lot on display right now, but I have been there twice and they had more the second time. Haven't tried the coffee yet, but so far it looks like it might be a nice addition to the neighborhood. At least, it is not the same type of standard Astoria cafe fare. Anyone else check it out?

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  1. No, but I definitely will!

    1. We've tried the same fare at this bakery. The little cakes are wonderfully moist and perfect for a small dessert. The baker behind the counter said the pale ones were banana - if so it is very subtle banana. The croissant was great, flaky and rich. It is a nice change from the greek bakeries and I'll definately be back.

      1. I just stopped by Petit Prince to pick up a baguette, and everything looks fantastic. I can't wait to go back and sit down over an espresso and one of those ganache cakelettes. Excited to have this place in the neighborhood!

        1. Yeah, seems like a good place. Almond croissant kicked it too. Frenchman behind the counter couldn't be friendlier either. Looks like a great addition to the hood.

          1. i had a loaf of olive bread from there. it was alright -- it looked better than it tasted. but not bad, and certainly a positive addition to the neighborhood and somewhere i'd go back to for bread if i didn't want to make the slog into lower manhattan.