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Le Petit Prince- New Bakery in Astoria

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I went to Le Petit Prince at B'way b/t 33 & 34. Had some very nice, little cookie/cakes that were simple and delicious. Vanilla or chocolate flavored that were soft, nutty, and perfectly moist.

I also had a croissant this morning. It was the best I've had in the neighborhood, which isn't normally saying much as most of the others are crescent shaped dry bread, but this was buttery, flaky and had a nice density to the soft layers in the middle. I am no croissant expert, but I really enjoyed it.

They don't have a lot on display right now, but I have been there twice and they had more the second time. Haven't tried the coffee yet, but so far it looks like it might be a nice addition to the neighborhood. At least, it is not the same type of standard Astoria cafe fare. Anyone else check it out?

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  1. No, but I definitely will!

    1. We've tried the same fare at this bakery. The little cakes are wonderfully moist and perfect for a small dessert. The baker behind the counter said the pale ones were banana - if so it is very subtle banana. The croissant was great, flaky and rich. It is a nice change from the greek bakeries and I'll definately be back.

      1. I just stopped by Petit Prince to pick up a baguette, and everything looks fantastic. I can't wait to go back and sit down over an espresso and one of those ganache cakelettes. Excited to have this place in the neighborhood!

        1. Yeah, seems like a good place. Almond croissant kicked it too. Frenchman behind the counter couldn't be friendlier either. Looks like a great addition to the hood.

          1. i had a loaf of olive bread from there. it was alright -- it looked better than it tasted. but not bad, and certainly a positive addition to the neighborhood and somewhere i'd go back to for bread if i didn't want to make the slog into lower manhattan.

            1. I agree that the crossaint is the best in the hood. The little apple tarts are great too. It is wonderful to have this in the neighborhood.

              1. Went there and had some very nice tasting apple tarts. Could've been a litter fresher, but since they just opened I'll give them some time to iron out the kinks. I agree that the croisants are definitely the best you can get in the nabe and they also make a good pain au chocolat.

                1. This bakery/cafe has been a consistent tongue pleaser. Being a long time resident of Astoria, I was happy to see that a French bakery had been added to diversity of the neighborhood. I am a big fan of these decadent treats and am glad that I don't have to travel to Manhattan when I need to tickle my urges.

                  EVERYTHING has been delicious! Starting with the delightful croissants to the buttery cookies, and the amazing quiche with the most perfect crust. The breads have been lovely too, especially the cranberry nut. If you are a coffee drinker, you'll be very impressed. Besides providing excellent service, the charming man behind the counter makes the BEST capuccino in Astoria.

                  Don't miss out on this one!

                  1. I don't know.. I've been there a couple times now and I think it's good but it's not making me rave.

                    1. I just went back and had a fantastic coffee that someone recommended above. He asked if I wanted milk and steamed the milk without me even asking. It was a great cup of strong coffee.

                      1. Does anyone have their phone #, or know their hours? Coming up empty on the usual online phone directories. I'm trying to figure out my odds of scoring a baguette if I make a detour on my way home tonight. Thought I'd give them a call and see what's on hand.

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                          This is only from memory when I asked on my last visit, but I believe their hours are 7-9 Monday - Saturday, 9-7 Sunday. If those aren't accurate, they're pretty close. Won't help you for tonight, though; sorry about that.

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                            Thanks, I took matters into my own hands and stopped by last night around 7. They had just a few baguettes left, so I was happy to get one. (And it was quite good - not the very best tasting I've ever tried, but excellent crust, texture, chewiness - I was very happy with it.)

                            The guy did say their hours are 7-9, though I didn't ask him about weekend hours. Their phone is 777-3040.

                        2. finally stopped in last night for a wee dessert. delicious. i got the banana mango passion fruit mousse. i also couldn't resist getting a chocolate croissant and a almond one to go for today's breakfast. the chocolate one was to die for. super flaky and just the right amount of chocolate in 2 thin snakes down each side of the center. the almond one was sooo moist and flavorful too! its a little bit of a walk for me, but i think its so worth it, and i can walk off the extra calories on the way back ;)

                          (and i asked their hours and if i remember correctly the woman said 7:30am-9:30pm)

                          1. their lemon tarts are divine - nice and tart.
                            and their baguettes have made me stop going to Parisi's - plus they are transfat free! (as all baguettes should be)

                            1. I agree for the most part about the taste however i was curious about your opinions on their prices

                              Several weeks ago i was going over someones house for dinner. I had read that it was excellent so i tried it
                              I bought 10 "mini" pastries.
                              When it was time to pay i almost had a heart attack
                              the man added it up and the total was 65.00 dollars. I paid asked no questions and left.
                              When i picked up my girlfried i told her that i just paid 65.00 for the MINI pastries. She felt that the man had made a mistake and demanded that we go back. She went inside and requested the prices. OH NO there was no mistake each MINI (I am emphasizing mini because they were mini)was $6.50.
                              Won't be going there for pastries for a while unless I'm buying a cup of coffee and something just for my girlfriend and myself I GUESS!

                              I just feel that that was a rip off
                              I'm interested in finding out how everyone else feels

                              1. I bought a couple of (very) mini pumpkin pastries on my first and only trip to the bakery. They were delicious, but they were about $4.50 each (I don't remember the exact price b/c it was several weeks ago' may even have been more) and I haven't been back. I'd love to find out that that wasn't the correct price, because it did seem like quality stuff; just out of my usual budget.

                                1. I agree. The croissants are extremely authentic, particularly the chocolate (aka pain du chocolat) and the almond. But the prices are very steep. I hope the owner adjusts his pricing.

                                  1. Very Very Nice Place. Had a coffee and croissant. It was actually the best croissant i ever had. The staff are friendly. And the bakery has a sophisticated ambience.

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                                      This place has been closed for a little while - does anyone know what's up?

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                                        Seems like it's closed for good. Saw a demo crew and the awning is down :-(.

                                        So many people in the nabe were pulling for it too.