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Sep 14, 2006 03:58 PM

New Openings!

from Michael Klein's table Talk today

A lot of this stuff has me all stirred up...most especially Xochitl at head house square!

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  1. Very cool article rumdrinks.

    On the topic of new, I stopped by Chelsea Bar in Old city a few nights ago. It is owned by the guys who own Soho Pizza next door. Apparently, they bought the whole building. Nothing special, just an overflow lounge/bar for other hotspots around the neighborhood but you can order everything off the Soho menu in there, as long as you do not feel wierd eating a pizza in front of the martini sipping patrons.

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    1. re: juice

      huh? Chelsea bar? Never heard of it! how new? And what was in its place? is it more scenester-y or just chill?

      1. re: rumdrinks

        Chelsea Lounge is in the old, original location of Sonny's Cheesesteaks--it was empty until Soho Pizza took it over. They were supposed to expand the pizza restaurant (they really need to, it's very cramped in there), but decided to open a separate lounge instead. :(

    2. FYI.... did not mention anything about the soon to open (in November) Fogo de Chao! yes, a chain, but not at all the typical. It's a fun atmosphere & good for larger parties. I really enjoy their "salad bar" (been to Atlanta & DC)

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      1. re: pamd

        Yep. Ran out of space. More in next week's column, and by then I hope to nail details of a really big chef coming here.

        1. re: Michael Klein

          Do you know the deal with, "Palace of Asia" in the Ben Franklin building? With Minar Palace closed I need a new Center City Indian option and I was hoping that would fill it, if it ever opens.