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Sep 14, 2006 03:57 PM

Le Creuset Fall Sale Alert

I saw this for outlets near LA, but I am guessing the fall sale nationwide is coming up so it's worth keeping an eye out for.

For greater LA area folks:

Citadel Outlet

Cabazon Outlet

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  1. THANKS!! :) I've been day dreaming about getting the roasting pan lately... :)


    1. Oh this is dangerous news! Thanks! :)

      1. Thanks for posting this! After reading this, I went up to the Outlet here north of Phoeni. It'd been two years since I'd been up there and I'd forgotten how horrible the traffic from here to there once I was there decided it needed to be worth my while! Picked up a 3.5qt buffet pan, a square skillet grill, and three of the 2+ qt sized vegetable shaped casseroles (purple bell pepper, a pumpkin and the apple)...for less than $400!

        I contemplated the roasting pan...but it's so heavy! I'm not sure I'd wouldn't rather have a SS roasting pan?

        1. Looks like this sale is nationwide. I looked up the Vacaville and Gilroy outlet stores and saw the sale there, too.

          1. I asked at the outlet here in AZ. They told me they no longer do the "color of the month" promotions nor the calendars with monthly savings. Instead they will be doing more of these type of promotions with deeper discounts than previously. Some "create your own" like this one and others specifing certain styles, colors, collections, etc. They will be nationwide promotions and she told me to watch the outlet website: I believe the current offer lasts through the end of Sept.