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Sep 14, 2006 03:56 PM

Chinese Traditional Buns

Does this place do take-out, or just eat-in?

I'm craving some BBQ pork buns, but I'm all the way down at Adelaide & Spadina, so I won't have time to eat there...

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  1. There are some greate little Chinese bakeries Dundas West of University. (Between University and Spadina)

    1. Agreed. If you're looking for takeout, avoid CTB (as they are steamed and won't travel too well) and head for the bakeries, which bake their buns. Kim Moon used to be a favourite of mine, but it's gone a bit downhill recently. But there are many options in the stretch that vbreen mentions, stick to the north side of Dundas, start at Spadina, and head east.

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        au contraire mon cheri
        steam buns travel perfectly fine (we HAVE been doing it for 4000+ yrs) ;)

        if you have modern conveniences such as running water and a microwave, simply pat down the surface of the bun w/ water, then nuke for 30-45s (depending on size of bun) and voila! like
        almost fresh from dimsum!

        1. re: superchick

          Thanks for the tip superchick, I stand corrected. :)

      2. I have been going to Traditional Chinese Buns for over a year. I can't get enough of their Chinese burgers, bean churd soup (unbelievable texture and taste) and of course the dumplings and buns. The owner is absolutely gorgeous and very helpful in suggesting new items to try. I keep telling her that her prices are 1960, but she seems happy enough and so do her customers. This place makes a gweelau like me want to learn Mandarin.

        1. There is a place in Mississauga in the plaza at the NW corner of Creditview and Burnhamthorpe called Akko Cakehouse. These are the best buns I have had outside of HK. Most places in the Toronto area (Markham included) hardly even fill there buns (every place I've tried downtown is dreadful). The buns from Akko are stuffed full and very cheap. It's a great deal if you live in the area.

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            The buns at Yung Sing bakery on Baldwin St. in Toronto have a good amount of filling.

          2. My favorite place for chinese buns is the bakery in front of Sunny Supermarket on Leslie and Finch. I've tried many places but I think they have the best BBQ pork buns.