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Sep 14, 2006 03:34 PM

Jook Fun @ Irving & 20th ave is closed

I tried phoning them on Monday for takeout congee and they weren't answering the phones.... so I dropped by last night for congee and they were totally gutted for a remodel. No signs about when or if they would reopen as Jook Fun or something else.

Strange ... they didn't need any remodelling. Maybe it will reopen as something other than a restaurant, which will be sad. Taiwan Point, the resto before JF, didn't last too long in this spot either.

Very sad, this was my favorite place in the city for congee. What's even sadder is that I was looking forward to my impending move to the Sunset district ..... and being closer to JF would have been a plus.


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  1. Probably 90 percent of the time a remodeling of a Chinese restaurant means that the restaurant has been sold to a new owner. In the case of a total gutting, the percentage is higher.

    1. Glad to have the confirmation, even if it's bad news. This was one of my parents' favorites in the City. Just shows that we have to be contantly looking for new spots because you never know when you'll lose one.

      1. Driving by last week, a sign for PPQ Chicken Noodle House is up. Windows still taped over at the venue.

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          Jook n fun was a such a great place. Is there another place in the sunset that has good jook?