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Sep 14, 2006 03:25 PM

(Toronto) 'Piggies' in near Riverdale Farms in Cabbagetown

Anyone know anything about this place? I noticed it at the Cabbagetown festival last weekend, but I didn't get a chance to check out the menu or anything.

Is it any good? What are it's hours? Is there a website (can't for the life of me find one)

You know, standard stuff.

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  1. As I understand it they're only open for brunch on Sundays, and just serve ice cream the rest of the week. There was a review of it in NOW a little while ago and I think it got NN. If you end up going I'd love to hear what it's looks cute and could be a good lazy Sunday destination.

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      Actually, it got 3Ns:

      Piggy’s Supper Club
      161 Winchester, at Sumach, 416-920-2128. Get there while you can! This tiny café hidden behind the ice cream shop across from Riverdale Zoo is only open four hours a week, and then only for Sunday brunch. Nothing flashy, but as comfortable as a pair of favourite slippers. Best: crab cakes on toasted English muffin topped with poached eggs and creamy hollandaise and sided with chunky deep-fried spuds and brunch garnish; smoked salmon scrambled eggs; goat cheese salad, mesclun tossed with walnuts, roasted pepper and sliced orange in balsamic vinaigrette; for the hung-over, perfunctory poutine and $5.50 double Bloody Marys.
      Complete brunches for $20 per person, including all taxes, tip and a double Bloody Mary. Average main $8. Open for brunch Sunday 10 am to 2 pm. Reservations accepted. Licensed. Access: One step at door, short step to small washroom. Rating: NNN

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        Now Magazine uses "Ns" for their ratings instead of stars. So it got a two "N" rating.

      2. I can't find this place in Now Mag or the Yellow Pages. Where is it?

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          I can't remember the street name now, but it is on the opposite corner from the north-west corner of riverdale farm park, where you would start walking down a path through the farmer's market stalls.

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            from this map online, I think it's corner of sumach and winchester (the red star is the farmer's market)

          2. I live on the same street as Piggies. I've had brunch there a few times. It's not open very much. It closes for the entire winter season, and then in the early summer it opens on Sundays only I believe. If it were open more often I'd go there, because it's so close to me. I've always ordered eggs benedict and coffee which was very good. Service was fine and there's always been a table available. Prices are average brinch prices I think around 8$ or 9$ for an eggs benny. This is one of those places that only neighbourhood people know about. The owners dont seem to want to expand business by extending their open times.

            1. well, i'm not sure when i'll get there, but i'll be sure to report when i do...