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Sep 14, 2006 03:07 PM

Wine Shops- Lower Westchester

I'll be a few days staying in Westchester just North of the city and would love to check out some of the best wine shops the area offers. High-end, especially Italian stuff A+ as is a large selection.

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  1. Zachy's in Scarsdale. .

    I also like Wine Connection in Scott's Corners. Smaler, but truly great advice and a nice, rural New England setting.

    1. zachys is good, if you could drive a little further south, to arthur ave bronx, Carmel wine and spirits has a fabulous collection of italian wines..its worth the drive

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        I agree - Mt. Carmel has an excellent selection of Italian wines and spirits in all price ranges. They're on 187th in the Belmont section.

        Rochambeau in Dobbs Ferry is also worth a visit for a good and interesting selection of quality wine (

      2. I love Suburban Wines in Yorktown, its in upper westchester but they have tasting every Saturday 12-5

        1. Grapes in Rye, NY. They are extremely knowledgable, will order anything you like and are pleasant to visit with. In addition, they often host tasting that bring new and interesting wines to people who might not ordinarily branch out from what they already enjoy.

          1. Go down to Manhattan. The hell with Westchester stores. And I say this even though I have worked at some of the best such as Zachy's in Scarsdale and the Wine Emporium in Bronxville among a few others, and that friends of mine own other stores in Westchester.

            Boy am I going to get crap for saying this! LOL