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Sep 14, 2006 03:06 PM

Restaurant recommendations for Cody and Jackson, Wyoming

I'm driving across northern Wyoming to Jackson via Cody. Any suggestions for dinner at both places?

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  1. My info is a year and more old, so I wonder if things have changed? Wyoming is about beef (unless you just caught some trout). I've found Jackson more expensive than other areas of Wyoming. When we ate at the steakhouse (Gunbarrel? I don't know the name), the portion was so large that my wife and I easily should have shared it. I'm a very big guy, so that says something. Stopped by a blizzard, once we ate at the Wort. Our meals were fine but my daughter's prime rib was somthing I've never seen before or since. You could easily cut it with a fork and it was delicious. I asked and the meat came from Ennis, MT. We always enjoy a steak at Eno's in West Yellowstone. Their meat comes from Ennis, MT. I'm detecting a trend indicating that I should stop fishing in Ennis and start rustling cattle.

    1. I agree with The Wort Hotel (dining room). Also, the Cadillac Grille or Silver Dollar Grille all in Jackson. Try some Elk..although I don't think hunting season has started yet.

      In Cody....I highly recommend Franca's Italian Dining. She is from Italy and the meals are prepared in a lovely victorian home. From scratch pasta, etc. One of the best Italian places ever. (Do not miss the Buffalo Bill Museum...amazing!)

      These two towns are don't think because they are in Wyoming, they don't know great food. They do. It's there.

      1. Following previous Chowhound posts, we went to Snake River Grill and Old Yellowstone Garage during out two nights in Jackson. Both were outstanding restaurants and the food highlights of our Yellowstone trip. See my post in the West Yellowstone topic a few weeks ago for more details; searching for Jackson and Cody should also reveal good tips.