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Sep 14, 2006 02:41 PM

Western Baked Goods in Beijing

Can someone please recommend good (or even just decent) Western-style bakeries in Beijing? I'm talking baguettes, croissants, and even things like birthday cakes. Much as I love Chinese food, I am not enamored of the things the Chinese think pass for Western baked goods. Thanks!

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  1. I believe Delifrance has outlets in BJ. I've always found their baguettes and croissants in Shanghai and Hong Kong good enough for me (though I can't say I'm a croissant snob). After all, Deng Xiao Ping loved croissants from his salad days in France, and I think he started a fad.


    1. Try the bakery at the Kempinski Hotel in Liangmaqiao Lu or Cafe Constanze in the so-called "Lucky Street" perpendicular to Liangmaqiao Lu in front of the 21st Century Swimming Pool...

      1. I agree about the bakery in the Kempinski, though haven't been there in years. Some of the bread at Jenny Lou's is pretty good (I haven't had a baguette). There's a bakery next to the JL's on Ritan lu called Paris Patissere that I found better than most. They don't have the curry/pizza looking things caked with oil that a lot of places do, but I did eat a fusion creation of sesame bread (not filling) that was quite good. They also sell a few things in the grocery store at Scitech Plaza, but I think the bakery is better.

        1. Comptoirs de France Bakery opened 4 shops in Beijing and they have the best product you can find in China. My entire family is goign there at least 4 times a week.
          You will find your bread, cakes, ice cream and macarrons.
          www.comptoirsdefrance.com you will find the locations.
          They have an expat in every shop to make sure that the service is perfect.

          1. I also like the baked goods at Comptoirs. The baguettes at Bruno Bakery (in the basement of the Pacific Century Place Mall, just outside of the grocery store check out aisles) are great--thick crust, dense and chewy crumb. They have white and whole wheat (distinguished by shape, one is pointier).