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Belgian Waffles?

hello everyone. I just got back from a month long vacation in Greece, Holland, and Belgium. Some great food, but it was hard being away from Chowhound for so long!

Anyway, while in Belgium i tasted the most delicious waffles that were well priced and really tasty. They were naturally sweet and did not need syrup. Their taste reminds me of the Greek sweet bread called tsureki.

Does anyone know where I can find these types of waffles in the LA area?



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  1. There's a place in Encino called More than Waffles that has good Belgian Waffles. It is on the downstairs level of the Encino Town Center (where the Laemmle theater is) on Ventura Blvd., between Balboa and Louise. It can be very busy on weekend mornings, but worth the wait.


    1. Suspect you're talking about Liege waffles (see, http://www.visitbelgium.com/waffles.htm ). I think these are made with dough rather than batter, and the dough has chunks of sugar (maybe raw) in it that caramelize as the waffle cooks. They're sweeter, and denser than Brussels waffles (which are more common in the US). I have never seen Liege waffles in So. Cal., but maybe somebody will be able to help us out. It would be nice to find a source.

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        Geepers, that sounds so good...like reading food-porn or something...I can't wait to find some.

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          Liège waffles are available at the new Eurostation, at the Block at Orange. The service has been abysmal, just so you know -- but you can get the chips with the zillion sauces, Bruxelles- and Liège-style waffles, and crêpes.

          Belgium it ain't, but cheaper than airfare.

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            Das Ubergek, you are my hero...I was already creating my game plan to head to San Diego to go to Bibby's...now I think I'll just make it a day...Kayak, Waffle, Kayak, another Waffle and so on...any other yummy sweet treat places you can suggest between Glenadale and San Diego close to the 5 Freeway...it's gonna be a good weekend.

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              If you've never had a "yogur" from Brianna's on Ball Rd and State College (~3 minutes east of the 5 Fwy), you should definitely investigate. It's cut up fresh fruit with sweetened yoghurt topping, coconut, granola and raisins.

              Or just start the day off by going to either the Original Pancake House (on Lincoln, ~5 minutes east of the 5) or Jagerhaus German Cuisine (on Ball, ditto) for breakfast -- they both have fantastic European-style pancakes.

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                They have gaufres de Liege at "Le Pain Quotidien," a Belgian bakery-cafe. There are a bunch all over LA.

        2. I am sitting in my hotel in Brussels as we speak(I am here 8-10 times per year)...and I had a gauffre chaud(warm waffle) on the street about an hour ago...The type you described are the Liege style waffle...dense and sweet...not needing any topping and usually eaten as street food or a snack. The Brussels style is the type most of us think of with fruit toppings, chocolate and whipped cream usually eaten with a knife and fork.

          I have yet to find a Liege waffle in SoCal except in my kitchen...lots of the Brussels style but they are usually mediocre at best. I was told that Le Pain Quotidien was planning to offer both waffle styles in Los Angeles at one time(they have them here in Brussels)...but they have not appeared yet!!

          It is sad that there are no decent frites, moules or waffles in SoCal...such simple but delicious food!...sigh...of well, I get to come back to Brussles next month!!

          1. Now that we've figured out that these are Liege Waffles, you'll be surprised at the number of previous threads on the subject. Here's a recent one.


            1. Yes, these are truely amazing and while in Brussells I couldn't get enough of them. I've yet to find them in Los Angeles and I had a friend in Belgium ship me some. They sell them already made in the grocery stores in a package as if you were buying bagels.

              These are completely different then the breakfast dish-Belgium Waffles.

              Now I have the craving,


              1. There's a place on the second level of Howard Hughes Center called Eurostation Waffles. If you just came back from Belgium, you may be disappointed, but I believe they do serve waffles in the Liege style.

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                  Even if they are only so-so...it would be a nice find to fend off the cravings...and I drive by the location every day when I am in Los Angeles!! I will try them next week and report back!

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                    Great tip! Just called, and they say they have Liege style waffles. Will give them a try this weekend and report back.

                    Euro Station Waffles
                    6081 Center Dr., # 208,
                    Los Angeles, CA 90045
                    (310) 410-0820

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                      I went there last december. It was ok. I remember thinking it was overpiced. don't think they compare to anything I had in beligum. the search continues!

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                        Made a visit to Euro Station Waffles last night to try them out. The place is a little food shop next to the movie theaters, with two tables and two nice women working behind the counter. We were there around 8 p.m. on a Saturday, and during the half hour or so we stayed, we were the only customers. Sampled both a Liege and a Brussels style waffle. One can get all of their waffles with a choice of syrups/caramel, whipped cream, etc. We got the Liege waffle plain, and it was pretty good. Made fresh to order, with nice chewy/sweet spots where the hunks of sugar in the batter hit the grill and caramelize, yet not too sweet. These waffles are just barely crispy on the outside, and have sort of a pudding-like interior. Kind of reminded me of those griddled glutinous rice/brown sugar treats they sell behind the Korean supermarkets on Western. Not astonishingly great or anything, but nice. If I were in the neighborhood, I'd stop by for one every once in a while. The Brussels waffle was much lighter and crisper, and came covered with caramel and whipped cream, so it was much sweeter. More the sort of Belgium waffle one is used to here in the U.S. Good, but unremarkable.

                        Anyway, as far as I know, this is the only place in So Cal. where one can sample a Liege waffle. If you're interested, I suggest you get there soon. Based on the level of business they appear to be doing, I suspect they won't be there long.

                        1. re: David Kahn

                          That's what I've been saying for over two years! I work right next to Howard Hughes and not only is that place pretty dead in the afternoons/evenings, but also in the mornings!! My co-worker and I joked that it's probably a front or something... LOL!!


                      2. le pain quotidien has these...not sure how it compares though!

                        1. I hear there's a place opening in Santa Barbara that will sell these waffles, also ice cream. www.olivertravels.com

                          1. OK YOU GUYS.
                            Here is the Deal... You must travel down to San Diego if you must experience the taste of Belgium. BIBBY'S CREPES & WAFFLES offers both "gaufre de Liege" and "gaufre de Bruxelles".
                            The Waffles are better than the one you would find in Belgium!!!! Their crepes are also sensational. They have 2 shops in La jolla. One on 723 Pearl Street and another one at 2166 Avenida De La Playa (La jolla Shores). You can also find them at the local La jolla Farmer's market every Sunday. Be prepared to wait 20 -25 minutes in line for a crepe and about 10 minutes for the "Gaufre de Liege". These waffles are INSANE!!!!!!!!!! and no they do not add caramel sauce on top to mimick the real taste. Euro station waffle does not even come close!
                            Drive down to San Diego and check them out.
                            BIBBY'S. They are native of Belgium (the owners) and know their product very well

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                              Yeah, when I went to Beligum I learned that "Belgian Waffles" are really considered more patry than breakfast food.

                            2. You can't beat the LA Harbor College bistro for Belgian Waffles. At $2.95 each it's a bargain. Open for breakfast from 7:30 am to 10:30 am. Cooked to order fresh, while you wait and watch your waffle being made by culinary students. You can have fruit toppings and whipped cream, extra charge. 110 Fwy south to Anaheim St. exit, turn right.

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                                That's not a liege wffle..that's a "Americnaized" belgian waffle...

                              2. Hi there,
                                if you love belgian waffles, then you need to go to the eurostation waffles and crepes at howard hughes. i have never tasted belgian waffles before but the ones i tasted at the store was GREAT!!!! i would recommend it to anyone. they even have a new store at orange county which apart from the coolness of the place, had also a bar which you can sit down relax and have a drink. i love it. the only problem is that getting your order takes time but considering the volume of people in the store, i guess it's expected. hope to see more of the stores around!!!!

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                                  Just went to the movies at the Bridge in the Howard Hughes Center on Sunday and Eurostation Waffles there was closed. When I called to see if it was permanently closed the recording said they are closed for renovations and are hoping to re-open August 10th but since it is past that date who knows.

                                  1. re: nitaj

                                    the space is still empty.
                                    doesn't look like anything is going on there anymore.

                                    1. re: westsidegal

                                      What a shame! I've yet to try it there....oh, well, guess I'll just have to get my Liege Waffle fix from Le Pain.

                                      1. re: fdb

                                        I've never been to Belgium so I can't comment on authenticity, but I think the waffle at Le Pain Quotidien is much better than the one at Eurostation. The waffle at Eurostation is definitely denser though, and of course they have a greater variety of toppings.

                                        1. re: mrhooks

                                          MUST try Bibby's down in San Diego. 5 stars reviews in San Diego.
                                          The Real Deal!
                                          Eurostation is out of business for a reason!

                                          1. re: p0k619

                                            But Eurostation isn't out of business. They're just slow as all get out.

                                2. i know this is a bit dated but I found some liege waffles at a farmers market -- i think it was in long beach. good stuff too just like in belgium.

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                                  1. re: machiavelly

                                    I personally love it when old topics like this one are refreshed and made relevant again.

                                    I'd be interested to know which market you're talking about-- downtown, uptown or southeast?

                                    Mr Taster

                                    1. re: Mr Taster

                                      it was on a wednesday near the marina -- im hooked and im definitely going back next week so i'll ask the guy if he's anywhere else.

                                      1. re: Mr Taster

                                        I spoke to the owner at the Marine Stadium farmers' market in Long Beach on Wednesday's; he says he's also in San Pedro on Friday's and Buena Park on Saturday's.
                                        He's from Belgium and these are the real thing. He makes the dough/batter himself from an old family recipe and he imported the gas irons from Belgium. He makes both the Liege and the Bruxelles waffles and they're only $3-$4 a pop -- not bad at all.

                                        1. re: machiavelly

                                          Nice! We are Belgian too and we are making our own Liege waffles at home (yeah, we know where to find that pearled sugar baby!), it took time to reach the great taste of the original one and we finally did it! We're going to pay a visit to that guy in Long Beach next week, I'm curious to taste his waffles! Thanks for the info!

                                          1. re: machiavelly

                                            I'm totally intrigued. I've never been to the BP market because I always go to Irvine which is, sadly, waffel-frei (unless you count those awful limp pandan-coloured specimens at Lee's in the plaza, which I don't).

                                        2. re: machiavelly

                                          In today’s Tasting Table Los Angeles under Dispatch Dining there was a blurb about Shaky Alibi, a “wafflerie now serving freshly made liège waffles to Beverly Blvd. crowds.”

                                          Located at 7401 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036, at Martel, in the old Fainting Couch location. Phone: 323-938-5282 URL: http://shakyalibi.com/

                                          1. re: yinyangdi

                                            And it's GOOD. I went yesterday and swooned over my warm waffle despite the hot day outside. Coffee is good too.

                                            1. re: tablefor1

                                              Ditto. I went in on their 3rd or 4th day and was surprised how good the waffle and coffee was. Much butter than the only other liege waffle I've tried, which was downtown at Syrup. Nice space too, though they haven't finished populating it with tables yet, so it's mainly just a counter for now, as of a couple days ago anyway.

                                              But what's with the sign out front? Seems out of synch with the rest of their tasteful design.

                                              1. re: tablefor1

                                                Well, we've been there too and no, those are not real Belgian Liège waffles. First of all the sugar is not pearled sugar from Tirlemont (the very specific sugar that makes the Liege waffle a Liege waffle), it's probably home made pearl sugar but it's not the same. Second the dough is kinda "blah", the waffle is not caramelized (and it's normal since they use the wrong sugar). You don't put fine sugar on a Liège waffle like they do. Also the center of the waffle was a little bit undercooked. I didn't say it was awful, it's just NOT what it SHOULD be. And at $5.50 it's kinda disappointing.

                                          2. To my surprise, just in the past couple of weeks, found Liege waffles at Jamba Juice and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Thousand Oaks! Maybe their other locations are now carrying them too? Similar to what we've found at Le Pain Quotidien.

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                                            1. re: asimen

                                              Coffee-Bean > they suck big time !

                                              1. re: TedSe7en

                                                Are you referring to the waffles? the coffee? something else?

                                                1. re: asimen

                                                  The waffles... not enough sugar, not enough caramel... If you don't know how taste a real Liege waffle that "might" be ok, but for my taste, it's blah...

                                                  1. re: TedSe7en

                                                    TedSe7en, what waffle places have you found that have good waffles? I appreciate that authentic waffles are hard to come by, but have you found any places that make a reasonable facsimile?

                                                    1. re: Peripatetic

                                                      So far, the "almost" real deal was that guy selling waffles at the Farmer's Market in Long Beach. You can also see him in Buena Park.

                                                      1. re: TedSe7en

                                                        Thanks! I rarely get to LB, but I'll try to track him down in Buena Park or WLA.

                                                    2. re: TedSe7en

                                                      I'm with you on that. I still haven't found anything better than that guy at the farmers markets. Quick update btw he is now only in West L.A. farmers market on Sundays. Still the best, and in my opinion the only real Liege waffle in L.A.

                                                      1. re: machiavelly

                                                        You can't beat homemade waffles ! Everytime I got someone visiting me from Belgium I ask them to bring 4 to 6 lbs of pearled sugar. This makes all the difference.

                                                        1. re: TedSe7en

                                                          Yup! I also find pearl sugar at any number of Scandinavian stores that carry baking supplies...and at a number of mail-order sites!

                                                          1. re: TravelPath

                                                            wowowow, the Belgian pearl sugar has nothing in common with that Scandinavian sugar you can find at Ikea. There's no substitute for the Tirlemont sugar. You can buy some here if you want http://tiny.cc/nkpbf

                                                            1. re: TedSe7en

                                                              I don't get it at Ikea (terrible)...I actually get it from a Scandinavian Bakery supply in MN...and occasionally available at Surfas...and guess where it is made...Belgium!!...and yes it is Parelkorrel Grain Perle made by ...yes...Tirlemont!

                                                              1. re: TravelPath

                                                                Yay that might be good news then ! There is a Surfas in L.A., gonna have to check it out as well !

                                                          1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                            I did (Bruxie) and .... unfortunately they are inedible. They tasted like they had been made some time ago (days not hours) and I'm being generous when I say I found 2 pieces of pearl sugar inside....

                                                            1. re: machiavelly

                                                              The problem is that they use the same dough as for the other waffles (which I like a lot, especially the salmon or the gruyère-prosciutto). He knows about that issue, I already told him. We're going to meet him next month to discuss if we can help him with that.

                                                              1. re: machiavelly

                                                                OK. I'd wondered... never ordered because I'm allergic to lines. And hype.

                                                            2. re: machiavelly

                                                              He's also at the Downtown City Hall FM on Thursdays. I believe he told me he's also started Wednesdays in Northridge? I can confirm with him if anyone's interested in that one. I try to try as many Liege waffles as possible wherever I am, whether in LA or outside the city/state/country and have found Patrick(Liege Waffle Co. proprietor) to have some of the best product consistently.

                                                              1. re: machiavelly

                                                                When you say the WLA Farmers Market are you speaking of the one on Corinth and Santa Monica Blvd. in between Sawtelle and the Courts/LAPD on Purdue?

                                                                1. re: Servorg

                                                                  Yes WLA FM on Santa Monica/Corynth

                                                                    1. re: Servorg

                                                                      Will give it a try Saturday as he is in Fullerton. I'll keep you posted.

                                                                      1. re: Servorg

                                                                        I've heard that they use the same frozen commercial dough that most places that sell Liege waffles use. So if you've tried a waffle from the trucks in SF or NY, it's going to taste the same, as in, not very good.

                                                        2. Shaky Alibi in West Hollywood serve the closest thing to authentic Liege waffles that I've ever tasted in LA although I do not like that they add cinnamon flavor to the dough. They also serve savory waffles which I haven't try but sound interesting.

                                                          Shaky Alibi
                                                          7401 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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                                                          1. re: fdb

                                                            I tried it and wasn't convinced

                                                            1. re: TedSe7en

                                                              Agree with Ted. Nice people, but the farmer's market Liege waffles are much much better.