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Sep 14, 2006 02:30 PM

Any updates on All-Star Sandwich Cafe?

Just wondering if anyone has been this week? It seems from more recent posts that they have moved from counter service to table service for folks eating there, is that right?

Would love any updates.

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  1. I'll answer my own post by sharing that visit to their website showed that their hours have been modified and they now close for two hours in the afternoon between lunch and dinner.

    Also, they are now closed on both Sundays and Mondays.

    1. I'm a little bummed that the hours are revised but I ran into Chris and he said they were terribly short staffed. At least now I know when I can count on them being open. Every time I went over to sit and eat they were closed.

      I picked up some take-out today and that process has improved considerably. The problems with wrapping the sandwiches are ironed out. Sandwiches were wrapped tight and all condiments were inside the bag. Only problem today was missing corn bread and spoons for the chili.

      I liked the Chili even though it was a bit on the greezy side. The cilantro was fresh and yummy. I would like to see them add a little more heat as I thought it rather mild. I'm looking forward to trying the chili cheese fries. I think this is perfect chili for fries. Anyone try them yet?

      I got the Atomic Meatloaf Meltdown. I'll be honest, it was AWFUL. I think it could be so good if they didn't over do it with the herbs in the meat loaf. The meatloaf was so over seasoned that it actually over powered the Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. Total bummer.

      My friend got the Beef on a Weck. He thought it was very good but felt you really didn't get much of a sandwich for the price. It did look a bit on the small side.

      Last week I got a ripper. Not sure what I was expecting but I wasn't very fired up about it. It was a cute novelty though.

      So after a few visits now my first trip is still the stand out. The place has kind of lost its luster after the horrible meatloaf sandwich. I'll take a little rest and try again in a few weeks.

      1. I can kind of understand being closed on Sundays... but being closed on Mondays seems like one would be turning away business.