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Sep 14, 2006 02:12 PM

Going to Cut tonight..Has anyone been since the last posts??

What did you order????

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  1. 1. My friend had Bone in NY Sirloin (28 day ageing) v. v. good, but not as good as...
    2. NY Sirlon (Nebraska, aged 34 days)the best steak I have had there (after 4 visits)
    3. Asparagus/Bacon appy -- highly tauted, not so good.
    4. Pork Belly appy -- highly tauted as well but deservedly so.
    5. Steak Tartare appy -- not tauted, not even ordered but sent over to "try." EXCELLENT!!!!
    6. Potato Tart Tatin -- divine.
    7. A bean dish that was excllent as well.

    My friends have tried, and mostly been disappointed with, non-steak main courses (I recall a Dorado, and a Pork Chop).

    Overall, I think the steaks are as good--or--better than Mastro's and the starters/sides more adventurous, which means sometimes better and sometimes worse. Nothing like Mastro's Seafood Tower. My friends have tried and mostly been disappointed with non-steak main courses (a Dorado, a Pork Chop). For celeb sighting...we'll last time at Mastro's Burt Reynolds...Brad and Angelina at Cut

    1. If I were to return, I would be tempted to order a small portion of the super expensive Kobe steak (cooked, this meat is too rich to appeal to me in raw form) to share as an appetizer. Russkar says it's amazing.

      1. there last night.

        i agree with david. the kobe is well worth ordering and sharing. i prefer it rare, though. russkar is right to say it is amazing.

        agree with ciao bob, nebraska dry aged sirloin (no bone) is superior to the wet-aged.

        disagree with ciao bob, the asparagus appetizer is one of the best things i've tasted in a long, long time. what did you not like about it, bob?

        order the cream spinach with the egg. don't order the fried onions and they recommend it. don't care for the shrimp cocktail louis. love the marrow flan.

        never had an entree that wasn't cow there.

        ask for a booth on the main floor and/or daniel as your waiter.

        oh, and have fun.

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        1. re: revets2

          Marrow flan was indeed excellent.

          I found the log-cabin of tiny asparagus pretty tasteless, and the egg/bacon thing just didn't work for me. It certainly was not BAD by any means...I guess it was just not my cup-of-tea. I am glad you (and apparently most others) liked it revets2.

          1. re: revets2

            Thank you for the suggestions! We will order the Japanes Kobe New York (6 oz) to share. We will try for a booth and Daniel.