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Sep 14, 2006 02:10 PM

Canton Gourmet Express' reincarnation

I ended up finding out the other day that a coworker is childhood friends with the owners of the old Canton Gourmet Express on Columbia Pike in Arlington. Apparently they closed b/c they wanted to try another line of work entirely. That only lasted a few months and they wanted to get back to the restaurant business, SO...

They opened a place in Burke, and I'm assuming it's nearly the same menu. Hunan East in the Burke Commons Shopping Center.

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  1. Great detective work. A lunch that Sandy prepared for 12 of us about a year ago was an astonishing feast. She went all-out, and I'd love to recreate that experience. And unlike some other web sites it's all anonymous, I never claim any affilliation with Chowhound or receive special treatment.

    1. I hope those amazing honeyed ribs with coconut milk are on the menu again! And yes, Sandy really threw a lot of love into last year's meal.

      1. I just talked to Sandy and she said it was actually her friend (actually, "friend of a friend" - her word verbatim) and not her that's going to work at the restaurant in Burke. Her friend had asked her to help out, but Sandy was too busy with her current work so she declined.

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          I also followed up with my friend and things may not be so clear cut. From what I'm gathering, the people my coworker knows sold CGE about a year and a half ago, meaning that these were not the people that had it at the very end (Sandy). I'm not sure what the place was like during that ownership term. I'm going to still check it out, but I thought I'd post the new info (hopefully it's clear).