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Sep 14, 2006 02:01 PM

Yucatan-style Mexican in S. Florida

Does anyone know of any Mexican restaurants in South Florida that do Yucatan-style Mexican? I posted a few weeks ago, looking for huevos motulenos, without much luck. I was thinking maybe if I broadened it to Yucatan places, that might help. I live in Hollywood, but I'm always up for a drive.

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  1. well, there is a restaurant on Federal Highway in either Deerfield or Boca that is named Yucatan. I used to eat there when it was on Hillsboro in Boca, but they moved a couple of years ago & I moved too so have not been there since. The food was very good, whether it is Yucatan style I cannot say as I have never been to the Yucatan area.

    1. The Burrito Grill on 125th in NMB is owned and operated by a Yucateco.

      Also, another Yucateco joint is about to open on Biscayne and 154th. Should be good. As for the huevos you desire, no se'! Google the recipe and make them yourself.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out. And, by the way, I have made huevos motulenos at home before. It's quite good.

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        1. There is a new place opening up on Biscayne Boulevard near 163rd Street called Cheen-Huaye. I stopped by over the weekend to see if it was open yet (not yet, supposed to get their CO Monday and open by next weekend) but happened to run into one of the proprietors while I was peeking in. He's definitely pitching the place as regional Yucatecan food. I got a sample menu and they've got sopa de lima, salbutes, cochinita and chicken pibil, poc-chuc, pierna asada, michelada... (along with your usual nachos, quesadillas, fajitas, etc.) I don't know my Mexican regional cooking that well but I did a little research and it looks like the real deal.

          I believe they may be doing brunch, so perhaps they'll have your beloved huevos motulenos.

          The guy I ran into said he's been working at Soyka for 5+ years, so he's got some restaurant chops. I'm looking forward to trying it and hope it's good. It's in a strip mall on the west side of Biscayne Blvd. just a little south of 163rd St.

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            That is very exciting. Thanks for the post. I just had a michelada for the first time last weekend at El Puerto de Vallarta in Homestead. The seafood there is awesome, by the way.

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              The dishes reported are the real deal. Also look for anything containing Chaya aka Jungle Spinach... its a green from the Yucatan that has invaded Florida so sourcing should be no problem.

              Its great as a smoothie with lime juice, in tamales (blended into the masa) & in quiche.

            2. Where in Homestead is it?