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Sep 14, 2006 01:35 PM

Closings in Cincinnati

Looks like Bella downtown is closed for good. I think they were in trouble with taxes. Michael G.'s second reincarnation on Beechmont is also closed, something we'd suspected for a couple weeks judging by the look of the place. Both of these places had merits, and I'm sad for I'm sure in any case like this, somebody is taking a major personal financial bath.

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  1. Sad about Bella; I liked that place. I'd only been to Michael G's once, and was unimpressed enough never to go back. Also closed is Jack Quinn's in Covington.

    1. All those covington places in old locations near the suspension bridge are having some trouble.

      Hope Coco's and deCavel's new place toughs it out

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        I hope Jean Robert DeCavel's new place makes it.

        Coco's, I believe, will always do okay, because it has a strong, loyal following, especially in the bar, but the last time I ate there, the food left something to be desired. It was pricey and the food was served cold. Not a good culinary experience.


        RAY'S NORTHSIDE GRILLE is closed. The sign on the door cites "partnership issues", and claims they will try to reopen soon. This was a great breakfast place, with real stone-ground grits, and a BBQ smoker in the back.

        JUNEBUG'S BBQ is closed. The new name on the window is "Chris's Corner". I have no clue what kind of food they serve. "Junebugs" was owned by George Baetty, brother of Howard Beatty, who was recently sentenced for a shooting in front of City Hall.

        1. My husband used to go in Junebug's sometimes; he said Howard was always in there cooking, so the closing is probably at least partly a result of his conviction. Speaking of the West End, there's a carryout place with killer rib tips called Chicago Fish and Chicken nearby. I forget the exact address, but it's on a side street behind the police station on Central Parkway. Not the best neighborhood, but not really scary, either--ample on-street parking. I didn't think the fish was anything to write home about--similar to Louisiana Fish but not as good. Still need to try the chicken.