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Sep 14, 2006 12:19 PM

spaghetti squash?

so, what do you do with yours? our farm share keeps sending them. ideas?

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  1. I love it with chopped tomatoes, garlic, feta, and basil. sometimes will chop/saute an onion too with the garlic if I have one here. a great meal by itself, sometimes with a little garlic bread.

    1. We bake them and serve with a little margarine or put spagetti sauce on top (any works) for a low carb/healthier meal.

      1. Odd, but interesting use: sub. the warmish cooked squash strands for bean thread (or "silver") noodles in cold Thai spring rolls. May require a few changes in herbs or dipping sauce, like a touch of maple. Or add a few sticks of smoked tofu to balance the sweetness. It's all really culturally wrong, but call it fusion.
        I also use them as noodles in soup. Haven't tried it, but was considering using them in a cinnamon-y version of the Indian vermicelli-milk dessert that I cannot recall the name of... lovely stuff, though.

        1. i think there's another recent thread on spaghetti squash with tons of ideas. i swear i just read it...

          anyway, i've roasted it, forked it out, sauteed some arugula, added toasted pinenuts, parmesan, a bit of butter or evoo, herbs, s&p...

          1. There's another post around here somewhere with a recipe called "spaghetti squash pie." Probably on the second or third page.