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Sep 14, 2006 11:30 AM

Not just great food

Would you come to my rescue and on this problem? My father turns 85 this
December 3rd and we're going to celebrate on Thanksgiving weekend. My mom wants to go to a restaurant "so nobody has to cook"....uck....27 people stuck in a stupid private room or such. I suggested a bed and breakfast so we can hang out but it seems to be difficult being a holiday. How can I find a super cool place to hang....good food, common room, pool table, etc. in NY or NJ?
> I'd really would appreciate any help you can provide.
> Truly!
> Deborah

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  1. Way too expensive for my wallet, but Mohonk up in NY seems like the place you want...again, WAYYYY too expensive but it has everything you could want in the Catskills of NY

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      Don't know your father and it might be fine, but last time I was there (granted years ago) Mohonk was pretty rustic. I also remember the food as being almost inedible. Worth checking out their website if you think it might work.

      1. re: sixelagogo

        Unless your dad is a very young 85 Mohonk ain't the place. In late Nov it will be very cold, and nothing for him to do. The place is very pricey but does include the meals which I would not characterize as inedible, although not great either. We went there Mother's Day 2004. We had a great time hiking and golfing.

      2. I agree...while the property is breathtaking, the food is inedible...I recall having "roasted" duck which was undoubtedly microwaved--and that was the best of the dinner choices!

        1. How about Gurney's out in Montauk.

          1. How about the Hilton at Short Hills. People can shop across the street in the mall, others use the fitness center, others can use the spa. The food is great. Those with dogs will like the idea that it is dog-friendly and can bring them with.