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Sep 14, 2006 10:56 AM

What's the last restaurant you ate at?

Hi guys,
I'm new here, from Brunswick, Maine.
There may have been threads like this in the past,
but I wanted to create it, anyway.

What's the last restaurant you ate at?
For me, it was El Camino's (Mexican Restaurant
in Brunswick, Maine), w/my BF! :-)

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  1. Cantina Sforza in Westport. Loved it.

    1. La Fogata in Pittsfield, MA. Delicious Columbian food. One Carne Asada plate and one pork loin steak plate. Both came with tons of rice, homemade beans and fried plantain.

      Also they served 2 different sauces/salsas to go with them. One was a chimichurri and the other was a red salsa - both delicious.

      2 people, 2 dinners, 2 beers - $30 (not including tip).

      1. The Ugly Duckling Loft, upstairs from the Whistling Swan in Sturbridge.....stopped in for a quick bite on the way home from a long day trip to the Berkshires (from RI). I had a wonderful bowl of mushroom & roasted garlic soup and a glass of pinot noir.

        1. Central Kitchen, Cambridge MA. Perfect dinner. Here's a post about that meal.

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          1. re: BostonZest

            Is the enormous room still upstairs from central kitchen. I use to love having a meal at central then head upstairs to the enormous room. I always thought this was a great pairing of establishments under the same roof.

            1. re: ElizabethHenton

              Yes, I believe it is. At least the Elephant is still on the door.

              1. re: BostonZest

                I do miss the elephant. Except for the few lucious years of lounges in the now defucnt ladder district - the enormous room was my favorite place to relax. And certainly after a central kitchen meal.

                Last restaurant? Maru in Clinton, CT. It's no Jae's or Ginza but will have to do for now. Nice people in there

          2. Brian's Restaurant in Uxbridge, MA has the typical all American variety. Fresh seafood, great burgers, soup and bread bar. I go in often and have yet to be disappointed. Check out their web site.