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GRACE.......Is it really all this and more??

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What a beautiful menu! And there's two unique vege dishes too!!!

I'm heading for donut night!! How 'bout you?


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  1. I've eaten there twice, once on an anniversary and once with my parents. I'm not a veggie but I really enjoyed their menu. I think I had the kobe beef and the wild boar. I wasn't too much of a fan of the donuts, go figure. I'd eat there agian and after tonight, that may well be where I eat for special occasions! Thanks for reminding me of it! Hope you enjoy it, we certainly did!

    1. I ate there again just a few weeks ago, and I think Grace is one of the best in LA right now. A couple of years after opening, they are still consistently delivering from a very impressive menu. The feel of the place is great, lighting not too dark, music not to loud, spacing not too tight, service not overdone. While the menu items might read as though the the dishes have the potential to add that one layer/element too many, they aren't that way on the plate. The wild boar with spaetzle is outstanding. The Jidori chicken is one of the most flavorful and interesting chicken dishes I have ever eaten. There wasn't a single miss at a table of five the last time I went.

      1. I have always loved Grace and have never had a bad experience there. Never been on donut night, though. I imagine it could be a bit off (like Campanile's grilled cheese night) since it tends to be more crowded on nights like those. But it's a great place for a special dinner. Fantastic service as well.

        1. I'm MAD for the wine list. Had a glass of red called St.Laurent, recommended by our server, and it was amazing. I'd never even heard of this grape.

          I remember reading in an LA Times article that the sommelier here has a stash of "secret wines"....

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            St. Laurent is an Austrian red wine grape. Great food wine. They have a couple of Austrian reds by the bottle too, which are good values.

            If you liked that, drop in some time at Bin 8549 and ask to try one of their Austrian reds.

          2. Could someone post the price range of the entrees.

            The online menu only has prices (as far as I can tell) for the burgers and the donuts.

            When you think about it, doughnut night should be on Sunday so you could watch the Simpsons when you get home.

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              $28-$42 I believe covers the range of entrees.

            2. I went for my Birthday this year, and it may have been the best pork chop I've ever head (Kurubota, stuffed w/ pancetta and corn bread). My gf, who doesn't eat meat, had a very creative vegetable dish, that was far more complex and interesting than expected. Highly recommend.

              1. Grace has been around for a while. To me, it's become a fine dining establishment that has outlived many others in its time. Chef Neal Fraser won in an episode of Iron Chef -- this is just one telling example of his exemplary skills. Personally, he is also very friendly. The pastry chef, too, who, by the way, is a very creative person with her desserts.

                They do an outstanding tasting menu. Pork is one of his specialities, but he has an exceptional culinary eye for foie gras, seafood, red meat, and, of course, vegetable dishes.

                The donuts are more high-end - for the price you pay, I'd honestly rather get a box of DiDiReese cookies and pay the Grace donut amount for five of her other good desserts. :-)