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Sep 14, 2006 03:45 AM

El Dorado Kitchen or Cafe La Haye

Our tour guide has suggested both of these restaurants.
With one nite left to plan for, which is the better? Keeping in mind we will have been "tasting" all day long.

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  1. La Haye is more casual. The food is simple and satifying, the atmosphere artsy, but unpretentious, and the clientell largely local. It's a very personal restaurant, with the co-owners virtually always in the kitchen and on the floor. I have always eaten well here.

    EDK is a little fussy (at least by Sonoma standards). Food is stacked, layered, swirled, and arranged etc. The atmosphere is very L.A. - angular architecture, waiters in putty colored t-shirts, trendy cocktails etc. Have eaten there several times, the first two were disappointing, but a recent dinner was excellent

    If you are going to satisfy your hunger I'd go to La Haye - If you want a dining "experience", go to EDK.

    1. PS: I had recently asked about the General's Daughter. I only wish we had more eat.

      1. We thought Shiso was the best dinner we had all summer in Sonoma -- if you like Japanese.

        1. I really like the Girl and the Fig in Sonoma.

          1. I have found EDK to be quite comfortable and casual for brunch or lunch, but if you're going in the evening, things step up a bit as it is one of the more popular bars/lounges in the area. I second the Girl and the Fig, it is excellent and laid back. I've been there many times after a full day of tasting and it is always a welcome sight.

            a sante,