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Sep 14, 2006 03:19 AM

Zuni Cafe -- still worth going to?

Coming back to SF for a weekend and will finally have time to go back to Zuni. USed to spend lots of time there before I moved to NYC.

Is it worth going to still? I'm thinking oysters and fries.
Or should I just emjoy my memories and try just the new places I've heard about?

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  1. It's worth going to still.

    1. If you liked it before, you'll still enjoy it.

      1. Third on that. It hasn't changed.

        1. Thanks everyone. Melanie, I really admire your posts, so any of your favorites I shouldn't miss in SF, especially hole in the wall places? (Will be going to Chez Panisse and other Berkeley spots as well)

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          1. re: Jonathan Saw

            Thanks, Jonathan. Unfortunately, the tiny Burmese place that I really liked in downtown SF closed a few months ago. My best eating is actually outside the City and I've posted on everything of note.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Was it the place near Nob Hill? One of my grandfather's friends owned that place. (Didn't know this until I went to eat there once in college and he recognized me since I look like my grandfather... cool and weird at the same time.)

              1. re: Jonathan Saw

                The place I was thinking of is Natoma Cafe, much smaller than Burma's House. But, yes, Burma's House was on Post Street and I understand it has closed too.

                Maybe you'll find some secret Burmese restaurant for us while you're out here...

            2. re: Jonathan Saw

              Have you ever been to the Swan Oyster Depot? I know people here have said it's up and down, but I think it's still terrific and lots of fun. They have an awful lot beyond oysters, too.

            3. same reply here but I'll add a rec for oysters at hog island in the ferry building- not only their own (grown) but whatever they have that day- try a few and feast on the ones you prefer

              they have a good daily special and a nice selection of wine and beer to drink with all the food offered- sit at the bar and go early or later after peak times or wait for a while- 10 or 2-4 are good times

              the care in serving fresh oysters there in my experience is extraordinary and consistently so

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              1. re: daybakerr

                With still a month or so of Indian summer and good weather ahead of us, oysters outside overlooking the bay is a fabulous idea. Here's my post on the happiest of many happy hours I've enjoyed at Hog Island in the Ferry Building.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I have had the opposite experience there. Waited 45 minutes for a table that we were told would be 5 minutes or less; the waitress didn't write our very large order down and as a result got it more than half wrong, and took almost 30 minutes to correct it (how it takes that long to prepare raw food and ladle out a bowl of chowder, I don't know...) and they took another 30 mins to bring the check after we asked for it. Expected lunch to be done in under an hour; with only 15 minutes to eat, we were there for over two hours.

                  1. re: hewn

                    I've never been there for lunch, thanks for the warning.