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Sep 14, 2006 03:09 AM

Birmingham Girls Night Out Recs?

A bunch of us from all over the country are getting together in Birmingham in a couple of weeks for a friend's gallery opening. We're all moms of toddlers and don't get out much anymore. Would love suggestions for some fun restaurants - we'll be doing BBQ with spouses and kids over the weekend, so looking for more upscale. Gallery is downtown and we're all staying at the Redmont Hotel.


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  1. Think the standards are going to be Highlands/Chez Fon Fon, Bottega/Cafe Bottega, Hot & Hot, and a few more-recent additions I haven't tried.

    Say hi to tinky winky, la la, and po for me.

    We did the Art Walk a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Looks like it just happened last weekend.

    1. What kind of palette does everyone have? Cafe Bottega is always a great choice as is Chez Fon Fon. Highlands, Hot and Hot, and Bottega (the restaurant) tend to be more upscale and I would say less fun.

      1. Thanks Ted and gyp7318. We're all pretty adventurous eaters - a few are vegetarians but not super strict. I'll check these out and present the list to the group. Can't wait to check out the city - my first time in the deep South.

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          1. I'll second the recommendation already made. In addition to those, if you like Thai and/or sushi, I'd recommend Surin West located in 5 Points. I'd recommend Ocean as well. Upscale casual with a lobster pot pie to die for!!! Oh! I almost forgot about 26. It has a funky atmosphere with flare. Plus if it's a nice night, they'll open up the front of the building.

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              Wednesday night half-price bottle night at 26 is great. Lots of fun things to eat for omnivoires and vegetarians alike. And yes, the front shold be open this time of the year.
              But if you're at the Redmont and want to eat upscale, make a rez at Cafe Dupont.