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Sep 14, 2006 02:58 AM

Ice Cream Hunt

I have been thoroughly disappointed with Ice Cream in Los Angeles. I am new here and have tried a few places. I recently drove to Pasadena to try Fosselman's and took 2 licks and split.

Does anyone know of any good Ice Cream shops? Am I condemned to a life of 31 flavors and cold stone cones?

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  1. What's wrong with Fosselman's?

    BTW, it is in ALHAMBRA.

    1. What kind of ice cream do you prefer? Have you had Dr. Bob's? Pazzo in Silver Lake? Mashti Malone's?
      Are you the super-premium type, the old-fashioned American type, the gelato type, the unusual flavors type?

      1. oops! You are right it is in Alhambra. Well I sampled a few flavors and there was absolutely nothing special about it. The cookie dough ice cream was most definitely the grocery tube of raw dough mixed into their vanilla. The "dark" chocolate was anything but. And the peppermint stick didn't have any crushed peppermint stick in it!

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        1. re: Mollusk

          The telephone number is no longer working for
          Robin Rose Ice Cream
          215 Rose Ave, Venice (310) 399-1774

          Any idea where there is a traffic school with great ice cream & chocolate? I live in the Alhambra area & loved Robin Rose. Hope it's not closed :(

          1. re: lavender

            I believe Robin Rose closed many years ago, their Chocolate Raspberry Truffle was sooo good!!!

        2. Where are you from? What do you look for in ice cream?
          Maybe I'm nuts but Cold Stone ice cream without all those mixin's is pretty primo stuff.

          How about:

          Robin Rose Ice Cream
          215 Rose Ave, Venice (310) 399-1774

          Lappert's Ice Cream
          29 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach (310) 318-3953

          Bennett's Ice Cream
          3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, (323) 936-7986

          100 Fishermans Wharf # B, Redondo Beach, (310) 376-2544

          Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice Crm
          1898 Westwood Blvd - Los Angeles, CA

          Ben & Jerry's Homemade
          10250 Santa Monica Blvd - Los Angeles

          Lickity Split Frozen Custard

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              Bummer. I'd drive miles to have her rasberry truffle ice cream.

              1. re: monku

                It is sad -- she used to hold traffic schools and you could eat as much ice cream and chocolate as you wanted -- but the shop's been closed for almost 8 years.

                1. re: monku

                  Yeah, you must have really dug the place, you haven't been there for 8 years??? !!!