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Reno Trip Report-- Circus Circus, Legacy, Jimbos, Bangkok Cuisine

Squirrelpaws Sep 14, 2006 02:52 AM

Returned a couple weeks ago from a long weekend in Reno/Carson City/Gardnerville; spent Tues/Weds at the Legacy downtown, then Thurs-Sun at a cabin near Markleeville. We had car trouble and had to rent a car to go home, then drive back the next week (Labor Day) and retrieve our car. (Not fun.) But onto the chow:

-Circus Circus breakfast buffet: Did the $1 buffet thing, and it *sucked*. Rumors of it having improved are BS, unless it was absolutely inedible before. The only redeeming quality was a guy making omelets for you. Other than that, they had lousy bacon, greasy french toast sticks, terrible coffee, and day-old Krispy Kremes. Absolutely gross; stay away. You've been warned. Never again. If you wonder why there's no line, wonder no more.

-Kokopelli's AYCE sushi: Awesome as usual. Stuffed ourselves, friendly service, good price, great fish...enjoyed the eel and the scallop as well as the over-the-top rolls. I have an e-mail in to CC to see if it is really closing, and when...I will be SOOO disappointed. I love this place. (Maybe I need to hit Atlantis or Peppermill?)

-Silver Legacy breakfast buffet: Pretty decent, as far as these places go. I have an 18-mo-old daughter, so it's nice to go to a buffet vice a normal restaurant. They just added an omelet station, so it's a big winner compared to the competition. Good thick bacon, decent french toast, bad pancakes, fair potatoes, pretty good fruit selection. Service is not so great, but whatever...it's a buffet.

-Bangkok Cuisine: Fabulous Thai...better than I can get here in San Diego (not saying much). Wife had a green chix curry; I had a special with an Indian-style curry sauce over spinach with pork...excellent. I had it "Thai-hot" and although they warned me it was hot, I perservered, and am glad I did. So I guess I'd say they are about average on spiciness (like if you get an 8 elsewhere, get an 8 here). Excellent food, decent service, good menu...I'll be back. And my daughter liked the curry from my wife's plate as well.

-Jimbo's: What's the draw? It was OK, but certainly not great, and greasy as can be. I won't be back, especially not at those prices. We had a combo burrito plate, 2 tacos and an enchilada...good sides (rice and beans and salad) but greasy meat dishes. Total was $13, inc a soda, so a little pricey for glorified Taco Bell. Or maybe SD's got me spoiled with the mass amounts of decent Cal-Mex fast food.


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  1. SteveTimko Sep 14, 2006 03:03 AM

    Glad you liked Bangkok Cuisine.
    Which Jimboys did you go to? Quality varies greatly. The best is on Sullivan Lane, but it's not special.

    1. m
      mags Sep 14, 2006 03:07 AM

      Next time, try the old Basque restaurant in the old part of town. Also, the seafood restaurant at the Peppermill is awesome. Great sushi!!

      1. s
        Squirrelpaws Sep 14, 2006 04:04 AM

        Went to Jimboys in Carson City, on the 50. Also, as far as Basque goes, I've been going to the JT regularly, but believe quality's gone downhill in the last 3 years...I thought they used to serve strips, now serve sirloin. Is Basque in Reno comparable?
        And any recs for AYCE (non-buffet) sushi as good as Kokopelli's?

        1. SteveTimko Sep 14, 2006 04:47 AM

          JTs is much better than anything in Reno.

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