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Sep 14, 2006 02:52 AM

Reno Trip Report-- Circus Circus, Legacy, Jimbos, Bangkok Cuisine

Returned a couple weeks ago from a long weekend in Reno/Carson City/Gardnerville; spent Tues/Weds at the Legacy downtown, then Thurs-Sun at a cabin near Markleeville. We had car trouble and had to rent a car to go home, then drive back the next week (Labor Day) and retrieve our car. (Not fun.) But onto the chow:

-Circus Circus breakfast buffet: Did the $1 buffet thing, and it *sucked*. Rumors of it having improved are BS, unless it was absolutely inedible before. The only redeeming quality was a guy making omelets for you. Other than that, they had lousy bacon, greasy french toast sticks, terrible coffee, and day-old Krispy Kremes. Absolutely gross; stay away. You've been warned. Never again. If you wonder why there's no line, wonder no more.

-Kokopelli's AYCE sushi: Awesome as usual. Stuffed ourselves, friendly service, good price, great fish...enjoyed the eel and the scallop as well as the over-the-top rolls. I have an e-mail in to CC to see if it is really closing, and when...I will be SOOO disappointed. I love this place. (Maybe I need to hit Atlantis or Peppermill?)

-Silver Legacy breakfast buffet: Pretty decent, as far as these places go. I have an 18-mo-old daughter, so it's nice to go to a buffet vice a normal restaurant. They just added an omelet station, so it's a big winner compared to the competition. Good thick bacon, decent french toast, bad pancakes, fair potatoes, pretty good fruit selection. Service is not so great, but's a buffet.

-Bangkok Cuisine: Fabulous Thai...better than I can get here in San Diego (not saying much). Wife had a green chix curry; I had a special with an Indian-style curry sauce over spinach with pork...excellent. I had it "Thai-hot" and although they warned me it was hot, I perservered, and am glad I did. So I guess I'd say they are about average on spiciness (like if you get an 8 elsewhere, get an 8 here). Excellent food, decent service, good menu...I'll be back. And my daughter liked the curry from my wife's plate as well.

-Jimbo's: What's the draw? It was OK, but certainly not great, and greasy as can be. I won't be back, especially not at those prices. We had a combo burrito plate, 2 tacos and an enchilada...good sides (rice and beans and salad) but greasy meat dishes. Total was $13, inc a soda, so a little pricey for glorified Taco Bell. Or maybe SD's got me spoiled with the mass amounts of decent Cal-Mex fast food.


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  1. Glad you liked Bangkok Cuisine.
    Which Jimboys did you go to? Quality varies greatly. The best is on Sullivan Lane, but it's not special.

    1. Next time, try the old Basque restaurant in the old part of town. Also, the seafood restaurant at the Peppermill is awesome. Great sushi!!

      1. Went to Jimboys in Carson City, on the 50. Also, as far as Basque goes, I've been going to the JT regularly, but believe quality's gone downhill in the last 3 years...I thought they used to serve strips, now serve sirloin. Is Basque in Reno comparable?
        And any recs for AYCE (non-buffet) sushi as good as Kokopelli's?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. JTs is much better than anything in Reno.