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Sep 14, 2006 02:48 AM

Seagrams Gin / Citrus Flavored Gins

I was just doing a tasting of Seagrams Extra Dry Gin. This gin has a light citrus taste with a hint of spices and a base of juniper followed by a nice alcohol presence. I found it one of the better citrus fronted gins, because the citrus is very light and melds nicely with the other aromatics, as opposed to gins such as Tanqueray No. Ten and Zuidam which are very citrus heavy. Also since Seagrams is finished in charred white oak whiskey barrels it is exceptionally smooth. Smoother than many super premium gins. I think it is an excellent gin and for the price an amazing bargain. Quality wise it is right up there with gins that cost three times as much. The aroma is so nice that I can say I have smelled men's fragrances that were nowhere near as pleasant. On the bottle they say that "Gin connoisseurs affectionately describe Seagram's Gin as the Smooth Gin in the bumpy bottle." I agree very much and enjoy it plain on the rocks. I am placing it in my top ten favorite gins.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Cool thanks I will grab a bottle when my Boodles runs out. By the way, what do you think of Boodles, o gin consoissuer? It's my current favorite.

    1. Boodles was the first premium gin I liked when I first started drinking gin in my late teens. I think it is a classic, smooth, English Dry gin that tastes like juniper. The aroma is mostly juniper with a slight woodsy note. The aftertaste has a very light hint of herbs/spice and a very nice long finish. It's a quality gin drinkers gin.

      1. and then there's Hendricks
        It makes everything else taste and smell HARSH, at least the ones we put side by side (Sapphire)
        I love the lingering taste of coriander
        too bad it's so bloody expensive
        (but it's totally worth it)

        any other gins compare?