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Sep 14, 2006 01:59 AM

dinner for two?

What's good romantic place for me and my boyfriend. Nothing too expensive and there is no special reason just want to take my boyfriend out just because :)

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  1. In which city in Ontario? What kind of food do you prefer and what is the maximum you want to spend?

    1. (Looking at some of your other postings, food_lover, I'm just going to assume you're from Toronto.)

      Is $100/person too exensive? If not, I recommend La Fenice on King West. Some may balk at this, but my gf and I went ther a while back and we had a really nice time. Make sure they know you're not there for pre-theatre, so there's no rush. It is very relaxing and elegant, the food is very good (excellent pasta) and the wine list is great. The bill was $210 with 2 apps, 2 mains, 2 desserts, a bottle of wine, tax and tip. By no means do you need that much food, and we both had expensive mains (mixed grill and veal chop). The service was great and the waiter was very helpful when we needed advice.

      1. yes i'm looking for a place in Toronto. anyone know of anything cheaper than $100/person to me that's quite expensive. :)

        1. In Etobicoke, off the queensway, there is a little place called Mama Martino's.

          Dinner for 2 including 1/2 litre of wine is under $50.
          The Tiramasu is AMAZING.. the only desert that is home made.

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          1. re: vbreen

            Then I recommend that one go there for dessert...only ; ) Used to work near there and never liked the less than homemade food they serve night after night.

            1. re: bestandworst

              I would second that. "Mama" isn't spending much time in the kitchen these days. Used to be much better.

          2. What's your budget?

            Where downtown?