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dinner for two?

What's good romantic place for me and my boyfriend. Nothing too expensive and there is no special reason just want to take my boyfriend out just because :)

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  1. In which city in Ontario? What kind of food do you prefer and what is the maximum you want to spend?

    1. (Looking at some of your other postings, food_lover, I'm just going to assume you're from Toronto.)

      Is $100/person too exensive? If not, I recommend La Fenice on King West. Some may balk at this, but my gf and I went ther a while back and we had a really nice time. Make sure they know you're not there for pre-theatre, so there's no rush. It is very relaxing and elegant, the food is very good (excellent pasta) and the wine list is great. The bill was $210 with 2 apps, 2 mains, 2 desserts, a bottle of wine, tax and tip. By no means do you need that much food, and we both had expensive mains (mixed grill and veal chop). The service was great and the waiter was very helpful when we needed advice.

      1. yes i'm looking for a place in Toronto. anyone know of anything cheaper than $100/person to me that's quite expensive. :)

        1. In Etobicoke, off the queensway, there is a little place called Mama Martino's.

          Dinner for 2 including 1/2 litre of wine is under $50.
          The Tiramasu is AMAZING.. the only desert that is home made.

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            Then I recommend that one go there for dessert...only ; ) Used to work near there and never liked the less than homemade food they serve night after night.

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              I would second that. "Mama" isn't spending much time in the kitchen these days. Used to be much better.

          2. What's your budget?

            Where downtown?

            1. I prefer somewhere in the Downtown area or North York area and my budget would be between 50 - 100 total :)

              1. Weezie's at King & Power would fit your budget. As for the romance factor, get them to give you the corner window seat where you can sit closely and comfortably. If they're not sure what table you mean, it's the southeast window table. Lovely view of a park across the street. No website, but you can check other postings on the place here. The Now review is mysteriously missing from their website. It was very positive.

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                  we hit Weezies after reading the NOW reveiew (4N's) must have been some other Weezies in this town. Made a reservation for three for seven pm. The man on the phone didn't even take our name, but said seven was fine. When we arrived, told wait ten minutes at the bar. Read the menu, decided fish cakes might be nice, altho all appetizers were nine dollars, which seemed high. DEFINITELY high for two little fish BALLS. But after waiting for 45 minutes it was either that or the table leg. The nice man who was employed there was the Bartender, Waiter and Busser. Room was full. Several other staff stepped out of the kitchen, but probably only to see if the nice man was still alive. Overworked and unable to keep up, we waited, and waited and waited. The entree, an oxtail casserole with garlic mash was actually a plain mashed potatoe squirt on top of an incredibly bland pot of gluey beef shreds with no flavour whatsoever. Dessert was out of the question, The MacDonalds drive thru for ice cream cones seemed a better bet. The room is pleasant enough, the single employee was nice enough, but personally my bet is don't book any reservations for January. they just ain't gonna survive.

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                    I'm sorry you had a negative experience. I'm a repeat diner at Weezie's and have experienced nothing but attentive service & good comfort food. I wouldn't advise dining there if you're in a hurry, though. It just isn't that kind of place. It's unfortunate you skipped her desserts. They really are good.

                    You may have hit an off-night. I think their runaway success has taken them a little by surprise. One thing I've noticed about the couple that run the place is that they can and do adjust to their diners needs. I would advise giving them some time and trying them again. Perhaps in January.

                2. La Bodega on Baldwin serves consistant and competent food in a gorgeous and romantic setting with plesant service and would fit you price range easily.

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                      Id second the red room or queen mother. Queen mother has excellent food for good prices (the samosas are amazing), and the red room is very cute, comfy and has great affordable sangria if you like sangria.

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                        Queen Mother is a personal favorite. Great food -- especially the SE Asian part of the menu. Reasonable mark-ups on lower end wines and they serve Dufflet pasteries for dessert. I just wouldn't have considered it 'special' for dinner with a SO. It's busy and vibrant at dinner.

                        Apps. under $10
                        Mains $10-20 (maybe something over 20)
                        Deserts under $10

                        Wines from 20ish.

                      2. Kalendar on College near Bathurst is really good, fairly inexpensive and has a nice romantic atmosphere.


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                          i second Kalendar. decent food, lovely atmosphere.

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                            Yes, Kalendar is another very good suggestion.

                        2. might i suggest sintra on college st?

                          nice portugese food for fair pricing but on the higher end of your range. the space is fairly small and quiet which leads it to be cozy and somewhat candle lit. what i remember of that evening was that it was very nice, their chorizo and potato soup was lovely and service was more than competent. decent wine list to boot.

                          1. I almost forgot about Rikishi at Bloor & Shaw. If you reserve the "Rikishi Hideaway" you get a private table for two. The food is excellent and service is very polite. Meets your budget as well. Surprising they're so inexpensive considering the level of quality.

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                              I too was impressed by the food at Rikishi, but the service was poor - the food took forever to come out. At one point, we asked the server how much longer, and the actual delivery time was twice what she guessed. We were the only people in the restaurant when we ordered and mostly ordered sushi. This was on a Sunday evening, so hopefully other nights aren't as bad.

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                                I go there with hubby and friends of ours frequent the place with nary a complaint about service. I think you must have hit an off night. Although if I had the hideaway table with slow service I would probably enjoy the very private party feel to it.

                            2. terroni!

                              jamie kennedy wine bar!

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                                I agree with terroni, but can you really get out of JKWB for under $100 without feeling the need to go fill up at A&W like those people in that TV commercial? (And btw, A&W is really horrible.)

                              2. Terroni for a great pie for sure. And if you can keep the wine down to a couple of glasses it is possible to fill up at JKWB and get out for under a $100. Make sure to get a dish with some starch... or have some frites of course.

                                1. i kinda of like A&W. it's a nice change sometimes...although the minute differences between the burgers confounds me.

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                                    I had it at the Eaton Centre last week. One of the worst take out burgers I've ever had. Maybe the quality is not the same from shop to shop.

                                  2. thanks everyone for your suggestions :)

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                                    1. Someone posted a note about Leslieville and "Leslielicious" - prices look great (under $30 for a fixed price for 1). They also posted a link to the site which lists all the restaurants.

                                      1. If it's not for any special occasion then go somewhere fun. Like Korean BBQ. They're everywhere now and it's fun, causal and cheap. The downside is that if you don't like to eat a lot of meat then it's probably not for you.