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Sep 14, 2006 01:04 AM

Pizza review

Living in LA and being a pizza lover is a very frustrating experience. The pizza here sucks. Came to NYC on a quick trip and made 3 pizza stops - Patsy’s on 1st and 117, Nick’s in Rockville Ctr, and Una Pizza Neopolitana, and I rated them in that order. I was lucky to get to Patsy’s just as they took a pie out of that wonderful coalfired oven, and had 1 slice because I was going to Una Pizza later and didn’t want to spoil my appetite. It was soooo good. Great bubbles on top, excellent charring on bottom, wonderful aroma, and oh that taste. So naturally I had another slice. I found Nick’s and Una Pizza through Ed Levine's A Slice Of Heaven, and this was my first dine-in at one of Ed Levine’s top 6. I thought it was an excellent pie, beats anything we have in LA by far, but not as good as Patsy’s. I was very disappointed with the pie at Una Pizza.Perhaps this was because I had such high expectations. I watched him make the pie - Margheritta - and everything looked first class. When it came to me it looked fabulous - great bubbles, excellent charring on the crust, and the white, white mozzerella blended well with the red sauce. Then I lifted it up and inhaled, and it was downhill from that point on. I found the pie bland, almost tasteless. If I were rating crusts alone it would have been a winner, but I was totally underwhelmed. Sorry Ed, maybe I don't have the same tastebuds as you, but I don't think it a top 6 choice.

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  1. I agree whole heartedly. Get thee to DiFara's. If you liked Patsy's, try John's on Bleecker. I fyou liked Nicks, try Lombardi's, Grimaldi's, or Totonno's.

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      I had been a John's fan for many years, but IMHO the last 2 or 3 years the quality of the pie seems to have gone south. Besides, there are quite a few new places to try that you all seem to really like.

    2. I went to DiFara and I just don't understand what the fuss is about.

      Could someone tell me what they like so much about the pizza there?

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      1. re: jakew8

        There's a long thread about it in the Outer Boroughs board. Read it. It will answer your question.

      2. Just an FYI for your next visit, Nicks in Forest Hills (Queens) is even better than their RC location.

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          I think the 2nd Ave and 94th St in Manhattan is better than Forest Hills. If your in Park Slope try Anthony's (7th Ave&14th St) Nick is part owner, not as consistant as the Manhattan Nick's but not as far for me to travel either

          1. re: CornflakeGirl

            Agreed. The Nick's in Forest Hills is the original and the only solely pizza-focused Nick's.

            It happens to be amazing as well.