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Sep 14, 2006 12:45 AM

Aqui, not Ici - La Michoacana Redux – Chocolate dipped fresh coconut paleta – like Mounds on a stick ... but frozen & better

Josquared gets my vote for Chowhound of the year for reporting this new place that makes its own Mexican Ice Cream, paletas, top-notch pan dulce and maybe the Bay Area’s best aqua frescas.

Don’t have time to write much but today I had the fresh coconut paleta dipped in chocolate and it was probably one of the finest things I’ve ever put in my mouth.

The paleta itself was just stellar, chock full of fresh coconut. With that dip in chocolate it took it to the next level of greatness

But wait ... there’s more. They also have the toppings like sprinkles or nuts. I was asked if I wanted anything sprinkled on it after the dip. This first time, no, but, next time ... dipped in nuts ... almond joy, emphasis on the joy.

The paleta are the best. The Mexican ice cream can be hit and miss. Anything with coconut they do well. The pina colada is really nice. The prune I tried today ... first taste on the tongue didn’t impress and then the flavor just opened up into so much tastiness. I also like the chongos ice cream very much.

Some of the misses, to me because of over sweetness and/or seeds were banana, rompole (Mexican eggnog) and tuna (cactus) Here’s additional tasting notes from Josquared.

Not to mention the wonderful aqua frescas with two inches of fruit floating on top of the jar. The strawberry has finely diced, mascerated fresh berries so that each sip contains bits of berries. The berries are so generous that when the aqua is gone, there’s a bit of berry on the bottom to enjoy. The wonderful melon (and I’m not a melon aqua fresca fan), had 1/3 cup of fresh melon to eat.

They too have little cellophane bags of cookies on the counter.

La Michoacana Ice Cream & Bakery
504 Broadway, Vallejo

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  1. That coconut one is really good, isn't it? I'm determined to try out all the paleta flavors in the next month or so as well as the chongas.

    I also really love the handmade signs and the sparse decor - this is definitely a from-scratch enterprise and it exudes a certain charm because of that.

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      Just wanted to add I just tried the chongas ice cream per rw's suggestion - darn good stuff. They now have containers (they look to be about 24 oz. or so) to bring home loads of your favorite flavors for $4.00.

      Meant to double this with a trip to La Tapatia market ( ), but a roach coach on the side of the road touting the "World's Best Sandwiches" caught my eye and I just had to investigate.

      The sandwich (pastrami) didn't live up to the touting, but it was a touch better than average; bonus points for a cool retro 50's-style waitress logo on the truck.

    2. Just a little update to this place, which I've continued to visit regularly - they've added tortas (or as the sign in front of the store says, "Mexican Sandwishes(sic)") and nachos to their menu.

      The nachos looked a bit like a dicey proposition (chips were pre-portioned out in cardboard trays in a glass case); it might be something similar to what you get at Taco Bell. Regular ($1.99) and super ($2.99) versions are offered.

      I tried their roast beef torta ($3.99) yesterday (the only other option available is ham) - it was fine, but nothing that will knock your socks off. I'm not sure if American cheese is the norm for tortas, but this one had it. Also, the bread was not your standard roll - it was flattish that was crispy outside and soft inside (I'm guessing they baked them themselves) and may have been the best thing about the sandwich. They use a panini-style press to prepare the torta.

      The paletas continue to be uniformly good, though the chongas paleta can't compare to its ice-cream version cousin. They do now offer a free foam cooler for transportation if you buy 12 or more paletas at one time.

      Tried some of the pastries for the first time - the bollilo was nice (the version I had had cream cheese and jalapeño filling inside) and a scone-like thing with a fudge topping was also good. The only miss was a stale coconut-topped twist of some sort.

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      1. re: josquared

        Funny, I was just thinking of you and the paleta place. Have you seen any pumpkin ice cream? Too bad about the torta. My sand-wish is that they made the good type. Thanks for the update.

        1. re: rworange

          Sadly, no - I would've loved to have tried some as well and reported on it (I know you have that pumpkin gelato thread going right now.)