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Sep 14, 2006 12:44 AM

Chow Tour #10 -- You've Got To Hear the Butter Story


Loved the epic podcasts from northern Virginia (


It's all worth listening to, but if you don't have much time, definitely click on "Dave's Childhood in Canton and the Butter Story."

  1. A note about this installment....something got screwed up and the first podcast (of Eartha, my GPS unit, going "HAL") isn't live linked. I'm hoping this can be fixed sometime today....

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      The podcast is up now. Clearly, Eartha was teaching you a lesson, with all the loop de loops.

    2. I'm not sure which is my favorite quote from this meal :

      "fatty, yet light"


      "Jersey's like our French Provence"

      1. Ok, they've corrected the link, and you can now hear the podcast about my GPS unit going beserk on me (terrifying).

        1. The left-brain / right-brain wine discussion is exactly why there's no better pair to taste with than Dave Sit and Jim Leff. Dave has the best analytical palate I know, (and one of the best wine-memories) and Jim has the passion that finds the brilliant, quirky aspect and waxes poetic on it for hours. Although the butter in Chicago DID turn out to be Land-o-Lakes (and Jim, NOBODY missed that, even though they pretended to) it was Jim's enthusiasm that was on display - not the butter

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          1. re: eapter

            In ten years, I've never used these boards to make a strictly personal statement...but it's GREAT to hear from you. This poster is a long-lost friend who taught me everything I know about wine (well...Dave Sit and Melanie Wong taught me a good bit, too), and has both palate AND passion. Plus makes incredible barbecue. Please post more!