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Sep 14, 2006 12:26 AM

Dick & Jenny's New Fall Menu - Report (Long)

Went to Dick & Jenny's last night for the premeire of their Fall menu (they overhaul the entire menu a few times a year). As usual it did not disappoint and we had a fabuolus meal.

To start I had the Smothered Smoked Rabbit Etouffee which was served with rice and topped with a crispy fried sweetbread. Delicious! My dinner companion started with something called "The Leeming Tower of Seafood" (named after their chef) which is a crepe stuffed with smoked seafood dressing and then fried crispy. An interesting twist on an egg roll(?), and the presentation was gorgeous. We shared a bowl of Barnyard Gumbo which is a traditional dark New Orleans gumbo with bits of pork, prime rib, duck, rabbit, and sausage in it. Very tasty!

For our dinner I had the Duck Duo which was a crispy duck confit leg and sliced, seared duck breast served with braised red cabbage and a rich cherry sauce. Heavenly! My friend had the blackened gulf fish (redfish) with a smoked oyster pernod sauce (imagine oysters rockefeller sauce). Superb.

Although we barely had room for dessert, we had to try the apple crepes with honey cinnamon ice cream (the ice cream is made for D&J by Creole Creamery on Prytania St.). The crepes were a perfect end to the meal being light, yet luxurious at the same time.

Overall the new menu looks great, and I can't wait to return to try some of the other items. They have their usual fried oysters, fried green tomatoes, and seafood cheesecake starters (and some others that I can't remember). They also brought back their pork loin stuffed with goat cheese, herbs and pine nuts (an all time favorite), and had tuna, salmon, prime rib and lamb on the menu. Wine prices are reasonable as ever (always the best wine deal in the city).

I highly recommend checking out Dick & Jenny's Fall Menu. I know I'll be going back!

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  1. We were trying to decide on a place for dinner Sat. night and you've just helped me close the deal. D&J's is one of my favorites anyway and the rabbit etoufee and the duck duo both sound like something i'd love (the duck dish sounds similar to duck 3 ways at the Pelican Club). Thanks for the great report.