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Sep 14, 2006 12:06 AM

suggestions for bergen, olso, stockholm, copenhagen?

hi all fellow chowhounders! going to scandinavia next week and need some affordable restaurant suggestions for those cities. i did find a recent post for stockholm, but most others are pretty old. preferably places that really capture the gist of the culture and city!

thanks in advance :)

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  1. Forget restaraunts in Copenhagen, just go straight to this amazing bakery there! It's off the Norrebro stop, maybe a 10 minute walk away:

    Sankt Peders Bageri, Sankt Peders Stræde 29

    SO GOOD. I long for those pastries every day of my life.

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    1. For Stockholm there was a pretty extensive thread very recently:

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          Ah, you even said you saw it - sorry.

          Here's another recommendation then - Akkurat in Sodermalm (just over the bridge from Gamlastan and close to the Hilton Slussen). They're a beer bar with a huge selection of Belgian beers, and some nice Swedish beers as well. They serve several traditional Swedish dishes like Biff Rydberg as well as some more Mediterranean fare, all at reasonable prices.

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            just off the big square outside of slussen subway station there's also a gastro-pub type of place called bla dorren (blue door), with wonderful selection of beer, and good food. also, right in the square, there's usually a guy selling fried fresh herring with mashed potatoes (nystekt stromming). also, i was always partial to the hotdogs from the street vendor. long, skinny, much tastier than north american dogs. just make sure to ask ``med brod'' or you'll get a dog without a bun.

      1. In Stockholm, for a great survey of Swedish food, try Restaurang Aktiebolaget Kvarnen at Tjärhovsgatan 4 ( You should be able to find my earlier posting about it on the site.

        1. When I went to copenhagen I loved a wine bar, Villa Vino. Wrote about on under 'Glorious Wines'.