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Sep 13, 2006 10:54 PM

Best -yet resonably priced- Wedding cakes on Oahu?

Trying to do some of the leg work for my cousin's wedding in Oahu next month. Any recommendations for bakers in/around Honolulu that make delicious cakes?

Also, aside from guava cake, what are some traditional flavors of Hawaiian cakes?


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  1. Making a recommendation for James Davidson, CIA grad, former pastry chef at Roy's and owner of Signature Sweets. Custom wedding cakes are his specialty. Coconut would be another flavor to consider. The phone number is 622-9830.

    1. you can try mary catherine's. they're at the end of king st.

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        Mary Catherine's is great and cheaper. You can bring in your own design for them to use as well. I only had a tasting and it was yummy. I've read that the staff is usually late getting to the venue or event. I don't know if they just have poor time management or if they lost.

      2. If you want to save some $$ and still have excellent quality, check with the bakery in the 99 Ranch Market near the airport. Their coconut cream cake is wonderful and they do the wedding cakes for a number of very high end hotels. Pah Ke's Bakery and Deli 808/839-1717 ext 244. The 99 Ranch Marketis at the end of Mapunapuna St. off the Nimitz. The owner is Raymond Siu, a friend. You can try the coconut cake or some others (passionfruit, etc.) in slices or miniatures from the bakery case. We like the haupia bread -- great for french toast, and the baked pork buns. From the deli, the ribs, soy chicken and Chinese chicken salad are all great and this is a perfect spot to grab a to-golunch or dinner for the flight back to the mainland.

        Also, we love the original Pah Ke's Chinese retaurant in Kaneohe on Kam highway next to the post office.

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          Sadly the Bakery run by Pah Ke has closed (as did the 99 Ranch market)

        2. Thanks for the suggestions but my cousin had her dinner reception at Orchids (at the Halekulani) and they provided the wedding cake which was a fresh and really delicious coconut cake. My DH cleaned his cake off before I did and he claims to hate coconut (dried)!

          1. i understand this is an old posting...

            but since there is no website for mary catherine, does anyone know what flavors of cakes they have?

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              I have a feeling they can make whatever you want. The phone # is (808)946-4333. Very good baked products.

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                I just saw and had some dynamite cakes/pastries from Cakes by Abi at the Top Chef party at Hank's Haute Dogs. Her name is Abigail Langlas, she does the pastries for Honolulu Coffee Company, her cakes that night were gorgeous. Her number is 808-381-6641