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Sep 13, 2006 10:49 PM

Del Burgo - New Restaurant?

I heard a rumor that Michel del Burgo was opening up a place on Ile Ste Louis. Any truth to this/specifics?

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  1. He has taken over the Restaurant l'Orangerie. I don't think he has re-opened it as yet.

    1. It has opened and I read one review on eGullet that was a pan. Sounds like it needs a lot of work. It has been open about 2 weeks.

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      1. re: faijay

        I believe that was mine
        He left soon after.
        This winter he took over Adrienne and Pal J... and I ate there
        Guess what? a little neighborhood birdie told me he is now up and out to Hong Kong.
        So this thread is in motion.

        John Talbott's Paris